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Two Aussies hunt a man they tried to kill in Patong in January, shooting two German tourists by mistake - then earning good-behavior bonds

Police List Victims and Those Arrested

Monday, August 19, 2013
PHUKET: Latest police statistics reveal there have been 58 expat victims of crimes on Phuket so far this year and 160 expats have been arrested for offences.

One rape is among the crimes - a Chinese woman was the victim in January. Another Chinese woman and a Swede were subjected to sex attacks.

Two Germans who are listed as victims of a shooting in Patong in January were fired upon by two Australians who were subsequently arrested, sentenced, then released on good-behavior bonds.

Of the 160 arrests, 74 were in Kathu, which takes in the west coast nightlife capital of Patong. Karon was next highest, with 21.

Of the arrests reported in Kathu, 24 related to drugs and 24 to driving offences. Across all of Phuket, 48 related to working without permission, 35 to drugs and 16 involved expired work permits.

Phuket Expat, Tourist Victims of Crime: 2013 So Far

Felix Reinel Germany 25 January 2 Karon Robbery
Egertovp Yaroslaf Russia January 6 Chalong Robbery
Astarita Alessabdro Italy 35 January 8 Kathu Attack
Christopher Philip America 31 January 8 Kathu Attack
Stephan Henricus Maria Netherlands 21 January 10 Kathu Attack
Chinese Woman China 22 January 18 Phuket City rape
Crialesi Antonio Italy 42 January 22 Kathu robbery
Joseph Worner Germany 70 and Baschenegger Johann Germany 41 January 22 Kathu shooting
Claudia Mae Booth Australian 18 January 23 Kathu robbery
Leonid Vasileich Laskov Russia 42 January 26 Chalong robbery
Bissica Rosenhen Germany February 6 Karon robbery
David Trebs Germany 30 February 7 Phuket City robbery
Hans Thro Schongens Germany 70 February 9 Cherng Talay robbery
Olaf Karstendiek Germany 50 February 9 Cherng Talay robbery
Leonia Joshephine Lach England 63 February 9 Cherng Talay robbery
Inge Gisela Fischer German 66 February 9 Cherng Talay robbery
Husey Huseynli Azerbaijan 21 and Itham Husryn Azerbaijan 48 February 12 Karon robbery
Golu Btskiy Russia 45 February 20 Karon robbery
Ove Kjettke Sundal Norway 58 February 21 Karon robbery
Rovshan Skenderov Russia 46 February 21 Karon attack
Olivia Elvira Sweden 19 February 26 Kamala attempted rape
Walter Fruehwirth Australia 54 February 27 Kathu robbery
Valeri Agafonov Russia 46 and Aunkerena Agafernova Russia 30 March 4 Karon robbery
Fransois Tmeze France 46 March 6 Kathu stabbing
John Michael Ilett England 30 and Chiyo Udagawa Japan 30 March 11 Karon robbing
Tanja Esther Gagner Germany 41 March 17 Chalong robbery
Valerii Shatalov Russia 26 March 20 Chalong robbery
Anastasiia Pekhtereva Russia 28 March 26 Chalong robbery
Kauko Hynninen Finland 53 March 29 Chalong robbery
Hamid Chellit France 38 April 10 Kathu robbery
Tatiana Suslikova Russia 32 April 18 Karon robbery
Chunwu Wang China 34 April 19 Kathu attack
Soo Yeon Moon South Korea 31 April 19 Kathu attack
Corinna Patricia Ross America April 19 Chalong embezzled
Rameen Makussumove Russia 42 April 21 Karon robbery
Donovan Bernard South Africa April 24 Karon robbery
Marina Saduyeva Kazakhstan April 24 Karon robbery
Azamat Saduyer Russia April 24 Karon robbery
Jessica Wedlock Australia April 24 Karon robbery
Wendy Horscoft New Zealand April 24 Karon robbery
Clinton John Robinson Australia 34 April 25 Kathu robbery
Gail Lee Burke Australia 53, Rachel Lee Ann Streater Australia 35 and Sharna Attard Australia 26 April 26 Kathu robbery
David John Williams Australia 48 April 26 Kathu robbery
John Paul Sager Australia 44 April 26 Kathu robbery
Nasrin Mansouri Iran 45 April 27 Kathu robbery
Di Vona Kylian France April 30 Kathu attack
Artem Morchev Russia 25, Igor Matetskiy Russia 25 and Anton Kornishin Russia 26 April 30 Karon robbery
Hassan Abdelwahab Egypt 26 May 11 Kathu attack
Chinese woman China 19 May 17 Phuket City Sex abuse
Mohd Sobri Bin Said Malaysia May 28 Kathu robbery
Vashiche Tooyayab Russia 27 June 6 Phuket City attack
Davis Ben Russell Australia 35 June 10 Thalang car burning (victim)
Alec Pettigrew England 47 June 18 Cherng Talay extorted for money
Tsilyk Pavlo Russia 33 June 18 Kathu embezzled
Saad S N S M Kuwait 26 June 30 Kathu robbery
Rodney Philip England 53 July 2 Karon attack
Dalia Goatova Russia 32 July 20 Chalong robbery
Philipe Muller France 71 August 13 Thung Thong robbery


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These people are the victims of crime, why list their names for everyone to see, I wouldn't want my name in the papers for everyone to see

Posted by Anonymous on August 19, 2013 22:38


what could possibly be achieved by mentioning everybody's name? I find this completely unnecessary and pure sensationalism I am glad you have nothing better to write about than to think that this is important..... Regards A long term expat!

Posted by Anonymous on August 20, 2013 16:53

Editor Comment:

Detailing the names and the information we have been provided with by police enables our reporters and readers to determine whether other incidents have gone unrecorded. Do you, anonymous person, want crimes covered up?


People say That England are hooligans have got a bad name Look down the list count how many English people are on there for causing trouble. I think it's a great idea to let people know what's going on in phuket

Posted by Robert. on August 22, 2013 03:45


I was burglared several times this year & filed police reports in Chalong. My name is not on this list nor are at lease 8 people I know that were burglared and/or the victim of assault/robbery.

So much for police statistics.

Posted by buster on August 22, 2013 07:17

Editor Comment:

Burglaries have never been recorded as ''crimes against expats'' because burglary is non-specific. If a house or an apartment is occupied by Thais and non-Thais, then it's categorised as local crime.



Posted by Joel M on August 22, 2013 23:14

Editor Comment:

Thanks for your concern, Joel M. Have no fear. Your message has been passed on and you should be hearing from the police shortly.


I blame the tourist for going to phuket. Stupidity deserves to be punished for thinking it paradise

Posted by somtam on October 21, 2014 22:37

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