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Patong's Bangla Road, where stinks and sex shows still offend

Patong Fun Fest Dates Set, But Dodge the Bangla Smells

Friday, October 25, 2013
PHUKET: This year's Patong Fun Fest Carnival will not extend onto the beach, Deputy Mayor Chairat Sukban told a meeting yesterday.

He said that the budget for the event was 7.5 million baht but unlike previous years, the event would be kept off the beach.

The dates have been set for the 28th annual Patong Carnival from December 15-20, he said.

Responding to criticisms that bad smells were now evident in the popular Soi Bangla walking street, he said that a contract with a private cleaning company had recently ended.

''We are having difficulty contracting a new company,'' he said, ''so in the meantime, we will use firemen to spray water and the health care people will also do what they can.''

Patong was fully extended with events of different kinds and had been forced to say no to a suggestion that Patong host a women's world boxing championship, Khun Chairat said.

''Sometimes we cannot say no because there is pressure from Bangkok or somewhere else,'' he said.

Governor Maitree Intrusud, chairing the meeting at Phuket Provincial Hall, noted that Phuket was still paying off the debt incurred from holding the National Youth Games before he arrived.


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"we will use firemen to spray water and the health care people will also do what they can." But is there someone that thinking this gonna work???? The problem must be solved sine more than 10 years ago instead of spending million for stupid things!!!!!

Posted by dave on October 26, 2013 08:59


@Dave Show me where there has been millions spent on stupid things. Better still, show me where there has been millions spent! Sign on the hill does not count.

Posted by Sudo Nim on October 26, 2013 09:43


"Contract with a private cleaning company"?

My morning exercise circuit includes walking down Soi Bangla at pre-dawn and early to mid-morning hours and the only cleaning I have ever seen consists of a couple of ladies sweeping up with brooms.

Walk by any sewer grate and you will see large amounts of grease and filth on the steel grating--obviously the result of business establishments using the waste-water runoff system for foodwaste and non-organics.

Is there a Thai word for "accountability"? What is the cultural equivalent?


Posted by C&C on October 26, 2013 10:40


To the comments about amounts spent, I often wonder about the budget for the absolutely third rate nightly fireworks? (And in fairness the fireworks shows on certain holidays are well worth it.)

Posted by juswunderin on October 26, 2013 12:38


Perhaps the money would be better spent teaching the administration how to count. Baht7.5 million is a huge amount of money to spend at a garbage dump where everything is 3 times the price of anywhere else in Thailand. And smells like somebody has dug a massive hole bought a huge pile of crap and dumped on the west coast of Phuket. The question remains: Where does all the money go? It stinks.

Posted by gee on October 26, 2013 21:05

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