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Phuket Extortion Gang Busted After Robbing Frenchman, Say Police

Friday, October 25, 2013
PHUKET: A falling out between a Frenchman and his Thai associate led to an extortion attempt and the arrest of a police officer, Phuket's media was told yesterday.

The Frenchman, Henry Richer, 54, gave his associate only 2000 baht on September 28 as commission on a property deal where the land sold for two million baht.

As a result, the unhappiness of Boonpring Kaewnagdee was such that he schemed against Mr Richer, Phuket's Police Commander, Major General Ong-art Phiwruangnontsaid, said at Phuket City Police Headquarters.

He offered to join Mr Richer again in taking some ya ice, then when the time came for them to share the drug, he turned up and surprised Mr Richer with a gang and a gun.

A man who said he was a policeman joined the group and told Mr Richer that he would be arrested over the drugs unless he paid the gang 300,000 baht for his freedom.

Mr Richer was handcuffed and gave the gang three ATM cards and passwords. The gang later removed 490,000 baht from the accounts.

On October 23, Mr Richer went to Vichit Police Station to report what had happened.

Police arrested Khun Boonpring later that day and have since also arrested policeman Pichan Keawkongtam and Kanatnan Patan.

Khun Boonpring has made a full confession, say police. Khun Kanatnan is alleged to be a collector of bribes from Patong businesses.

Warrants have been issued for the arrests of three other men. Investigations are continuing.


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The Frenchman should know that it is 3% commission of land sale and in that case he was too much "Cheap Charlie"...

Posted by Whistle-Blower on October 25, 2013 10:04


Don't think that the Frenchman will get a long and happy life in Thailand if this is the way he goes around paying his associates...but then again maybe that's why he had to leave France in the first place ...;-)

Posted by Sailor on October 25, 2013 12:26


That man is stupid, extortion doesn't work on me, he should have given them his credit cards and the pins then reported it to visa/mastercard as an explicit chargeback involving criminal activity BAM instant refund after 30 days investigation..some people are so stupid with money its unbelievable.

Posted by James on October 26, 2013 18:36

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