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Moshe David is led from a reenactment of December's Phuket murder

Fresh Samui Body Links Alleged Phuket Killer to Murder of Hungarian Billionaire

Sunday, April 21, 2013
Phuketwan Updating News Report

PHUKET: Police believe they have found the bones of a billionaire from Europe, probably killed by a Hungarian who also allegedly committed a second murder on Phuket.

The bones of a man believed to be Laszlo Csepai were uncovered today when police on Samui explored a deep grave in the basement of a luxurious villa owned by accused killer Moshe David, 38.

The solidly-built Hungarian businessman has already been accused of one murder and reenacted the killing of compatriot Peter Reisz on Phuket with a heavy wooden beam then a knife.

That murder allegedly took place at a Phuket City housing estate on Phuket on November 24 before the body was dumped at an isolated spot not far away, near Patong Hill.

Suspicions that David had already murdered and disposed of Hungarian billionaire Laszlo Csepai appeared to be confirmed today.

Samui police, assisted by Hungarian police and a private detective, exhumed the remains of a body on Samui.

The skeleton was buried deep in the basement of a luxury villa at Rock Samui Villas, near Chaweng beach, then covered with concrete.

The skull of the skeleton had been badly fractured. DNA comparisons with Laszlo Csepai's mother, who is now in Thailand, will confirm whether it is her son.

Mr Csepai arrived in Thailand on February 15, 2011, and Flew to Samui two days later. Then he disappeared. On February 23, his girlfriend went to Samui police and reported him missing.

Investigations have since established that his credit card was used to buy furniture after his death.

The furniture bought with the missing billionaire's credit card now sits in the villa, one of three owner by accused murderer Moshe David.

Interviews with David's Thai wife have led police to believe he killed both Csepai and Peter Reisz.

Moshe David is being held without bail in Phuket Prison in Phuket City, awaiting trial on the Phuket murder charge.


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Thank you for the update and news regarding this case. (I have partly Hungarian ancestors and got to know many Hungarians in my life.) Would interest me what the motive was for the killing of Csepai. As most times, greed and money? Would appriciate to get to know details.

Posted by Alfred on April 22, 2013 10:19


@Alfred, Greed and money? In Thailand? No that can't be the reason........

Posted by Simon on April 22, 2013 10:35


I think it should read
The Hungarian police and a private detective were assisted by the Thai police, as it seems the private detective did all the work.

Posted by richie on April 22, 2013 11:51


Phuket is so nice.
A family Island, where you really can relax. Clear cyan blue water and smiling people everywhere. Just enjoy Amazing Thailand, that always amazes you.

Posted by cliwe on April 23, 2013 02:43

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