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Moshe David talks to police today  inside the murder house

Phuket Killing: Accused Hungarian Shops in Central, Reenacts Murder

Friday, December 7, 2012
PHUKET: Accused murderer Moshe David chose to wear a balaclava and asked Phuket police to exclude the media when he reenacted the killing of a renegade business associate today.

The solidly-built Hungarian, a former property businessman, gave media the evil eye as he travelled under heavy police escort between Central Festival Phuket in Phuket City, where he and an accomplice bought plastic bags, the house nearby where the killing took place, and the jungle spot where the body was dumped.

Phuketwan has obtained photographs taken inside the house where the reenactment took place and publishes them in the public interest.

Other shoppers are thought to have been surprised as Mr David, 38, and the accompanying police reenacted the purchase of the bags in Central Festival Phuket.

David told police that he hit Peter Reisz with a wooden beam then knifed him to death inside the house in Phanason Residence, not far from Central Festival Phuket, on November 24.

He and his friend then loaded Reisz into plastic bags and put him in Reisz's own white pickup. They then drove to an isolated spot near Patong Hill where they dumped the body, police said. Reisz was found on November 30.

Police arrested David earlier this week at an ATM in MBK shopping centre in Bangkok.

His alleged accomplice, Kvalka Lajos Gyoerey, also believed to be Hungarian, is still being pursued.

David is likely to appear in Phuket Provincial Court later today.

Police will be keen to question him about the disappearance of Hungarian billionaire Laszlo Csepai in Thailand earlier this year.


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One question? Did Moshe David buy the plastic bags before or after the killing.
Before would be "evidence" for intention means murder!

Posted by PhuketExpat on December 7, 2012 15:13


Almost all ATMs have a CCTV camera. Being caught at an ATM suggests that Thai police have an efficient face recognition system in place.

Job well done.

I wish it was used more often to catch criminals. Many unresolved cases on Phuket alone where there's CCTV footage but no suspects can be located.

Every Thai person has their photo on file from their ID card. Every foreigner entering Thailand is photographed at immigration.

Where there's a will, there's a way.

Having said that, it's sad to see that so many foreign criminals prefer Thailand. The ability to "donate" your way out of trouble is most certainly a major part of that attraction.

Stricter and above all unbiased law enforcement would improve the safety and security of everyone, not just a select few.

Happy to see the "evil eye" did not intimidate PW. Appreciate seeing the face of this confessed murderer.

Posted by Andrew on December 7, 2012 16:01

Editor Comment:

You may be assuming too much, Andrew. Wouldn't it be more likely that they discovered his ATM number and asked the bank to let them know when and where it was used?


Yes, that's certainly a possibility too, though by the time someone from the bank made a phone call to relay the information, he'd likely be long gone.

From what I've seen, the face recognition software works within seconds and pops up an alert. MBK being a busy place, police might not be far away.

Face recognition software is being widely used for instance in the UK to identify persons from CCTV camera footage. INS in the US uses it too, as I'm sure many other government agencies.

Thailand being a close ally of US, I'd be surprised if the US had not provided them with the necessary equipment to deploy it.

Either way, great that he was caught. Thailand does well to show the world it's not a playground for criminals, neither domestic nor imported ones.

Posted by Andrew on December 7, 2012 18:05

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