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The Phuket house where the alleged murder took place is for sale now

Phuket Police Seek Two Expats as Details Emerge of Brutal Samui-Phuket Murder

Tuesday, December 4, 2012
PHUKET: At least two Western men are believed to have killed their Samui business partner in a house not far from Central Festival Phuket shopping complex, Phuket police told Phuketwan tonight.

We found the house where the killing is alleged to have taken place, in the Phanason Estate alongside Makro in the heart of Phuket City.

Police are expected to open the house to the media tomorrow to show the spot where Peter Reisz, 47, a Hungarian, was killed before his body was dumped near Patong Hill last week.

Although thorough efforts have been made to clean the house and leave it spotless, police say there were blood stains on the ground floor that they have sampled for DNA matching.

Tonight when Phuketwan telephoned the owner of the house, whose number is on a 'House for Sale' notice outside the premises, the woman who answered said she couldn't talk. She was being interviewed by police.

Moshe David, 38, who has both Hungarian and Israeli passports, is a ''Mafia-connected'' Samui businessman, according to police on both Thai holiday islands, and the prime suspect in the murder.

Neighbors of the house where Reisz is believed to have been bludgeoned and stabbed to death said today they recollected three vehicles and three Westerners at the premises around the time police believe the murder took place last week.

One of the vehicles, the white Toyota Vigo belonging to Reisz, has since been found on Samui where it was for sale for 500,000 baht.

The body of Reisz was identified at first by his brand of underpants after his remains were fetched from soggy ground near Patong Hill in central Phuket at the weekend.

The normal-looking two-storey house near the large Makro store was rented for 2000 baht a day for just two days - long enough for David to track Reisz from Samui to Phuket, kill his former property business partner and attempt to dispose of the body, according to police.

The identity of the third man is not known at this stage.

Police believe David has fled Phuket and Samui, where he was well known, but are not so sure whether he has escaped from Thailand.

Detectives have discovered that Reisz arrived on Phuket before David and rented an apartment in Paklok, in eastern Phuket.

David, say police, was quick to trace Reisz to Phuket where he purchased plastic bags and, according to police, killed his former property partner in the rented house.

Chances are, police believe, he had help. The identity of the second Western man involved in the alleged slaughter is likely to be revealed tomorrow.


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Expat on expat murders- at least 3 alleged in the past couple of years now. What a charming type Phuket is attracting these days.

Posted by Mister Ree on December 4, 2012 21:49

Tuesday October 27, 2020
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