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A man lost his leg in a horrific speedboat crash off Pattaya today

Horrific Pattaya Speedboat Collision Likely to Bring Phuket Changes, Too

Sunday, April 21, 2013
Today's Updating News and Analysis

PHUKET: The crash of two speedboats today off Pattaya with tourists severely injured should trigger vital safety reforms that Thailand's boating industry needs.

The collison comes just a few days after the Royal Thai Navy had to rescue more than 400 tourists - most of them speedboat passengers - because the ''captains'' of the vessels ignored a forecast of severe storms.

An investigating police officer in Pattaya confirm today that the ''captains'' of the speedboats that crashed initially fled the scene.

''We have been very busy rescuing the wounded,'' he said. One man from Korea had a leg ripped off on impact and the legs of a second man were almost severed.

Later the Superintendent of Pattaya Police Station, Colonel Suwan Cheawnswintawat, told Phuketwan that six people - including a Thai guide - had serious leg injuries.

He named the two drivers and the boats as Rungaroon Hormlamdon, 27, who crashed the vessel Seadream, carrying 23 Koreans and a Thai, with the empty Sor Kemtong, being driven by Amnard Jalerntap, 42.

Khun Amnard has since appeared at the police station, the superintendent said. ''Khun Amnard said the other speedboat crashed into his at speed,'' the colonel added.

The second driver, Khun Rungaroon, had telephoned police and was likely to surrender. His home has been staked out by police, the colonel said.

Fourteen injured tourists were being treated in Pattaya Memorial Hospital and another five in Bangkok Pattaya Hospital, the investigating officer said an hour earlier.

All of the passengers were wearing lifejackets. The boat laden with tourists was heading for Lan island, off Pattaya, on a snorkelling day-trip.

Complaints come frequently from tourists on Phuket and in Pattaya about the skills and the lack of attention to safety among some speedboat ''captains.''

In one case on Phuket last year, a speedboat driver slung a banana boat carrying Chinese tourists into the side of a second speedboat anchored at a beach, killing a Chinese woman.

The driver was fined and briefly suspended.

On Monday on Phuket and in the holiday province of Phang Nga to the north, speedboat ''captains'' put to sea with large numbers of passengers on paid-for trips despite warnings that small boats should stay in port.

One dive-boat sank in the storm, with passengers and crew rescued. More than 10 speedboats and diveboats were forced to shelter off a nearby island where stranded passengers remained until the Navy ship Pattani arrived to rescue them hours later.


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A couple of legless dudes, some smashed and killed by stationary boats and those who have died in dive boat sinkings, well did they lead to any changes . . . NO. So what makes one believe change about safety will happen in the next X years? Hang some of us have lived here too long to know this incidents will just continue as long as the tourist pennies keep going into the coffers, er sorry, pockets of the pupet-masters. Change, only in the weather methinks.

Posted by DuncanB on April 21, 2013 22:19


look how they drive ... motorbike, taxi , bus , minibus , cars , boat.
you wonder?

Posted by guest on April 22, 2013 03:35


Another example of how necessary it is to educate these captains. Most of them have nothing but the most basic school education . A proper education of captains should be mandatory and should as a minimum include boat handling, safety , general seamanship rules and meteorology.

Posted by Sailor on April 22, 2013 05:43


@Sailor: Sorry, but education has nothing to do with it - training has. During World War 2 many pilots pressed into service had little or no education; they were highly trained in a very short period. After the war a number of those pilots took jobs with major airlines around the world.

Posted by Pete on April 22, 2013 07:09


@Pete ... not that I want to initiate anything but what exactly is the difference between the "education" suggested and your training ?
Suggest you read this from RAF to see how long the pilots were trained before they got their wings and this easy oversight diagram...around 40 weeks before ready for combat. Or in case you would like to compare the RAF training to the American Arnold Scheme then read here

Posted by Sailor on April 22, 2013 09:53

Editor Comment:

We've had this conversation before, Sailor. I agree with Pete that training is a much better word. ''Education'' usually is used for general qualifications, which is why your comments about the need for ''training'' attract responses.


@Sailor: I haven't reached the stage of trawling the internet for answers that oppose your views. I give my own opinions based on what I know. The difference between education and training is vast. I'm not open to arguments.

Posted by Pete on April 22, 2013 10:48


@Ed AND Pete, I think BOTH of you have been, let's say, a little to harsh on Sailor, in fact an apology should be given, go check the definition of EDUCATION, especially the parts that mention TRAINING and SKILLS.
Pete...I am NOT open to arguments. 555

Posted by Phuket_IOC on April 23, 2013 09:36

Editor Comment:

Spare us your pedantry please, Phuket_IOC. Your intervention usually means sensible debate is at an end and the point-scoring is about to begin.


@ED, how wrong you are, I am NOT into point scoring, but you sir, as a journalist should know better than to use YOUR own interpretations to score points. Please explain why you need to condemn sailor by using your own definitions NOT the accept definitions. You continually put people down, when in fact it is NOT necessary. I do NOT point-score, I simply point out FACTS of misinterpretation, something I should NOT need to do.

Posted by Phuket_IOC on April 23, 2013 10:10

Editor Comment:

I didn't ''condemn'' Sailor, merely pointed out the confusion caused by his poor choice of words. Nor do I ''continually put people down.'' Your involvement is the one thing that is ''NOT necessary.''


well TAT and travel agents put that picture on the front page of the travel brochures' not likely have to admit no codes of practice no industry standards ,our boat captains are grossly incompetent but fantastic runners.

Posted by slickmelb on May 3, 2013 23:08

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