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Phuket taxi huts like this one are to by demolished, by order of police

Tear Down Phuket Taxi Salas: Order Goes Out to Demolish Drivers' Power Bases

Thursday, June 5, 2014
UPDATING All Day, Every Day

A SALA for taxi drivers in Kamala was among the first to be pulled down today, with the assistance of police from Ranong province who came to Phuket to help the task force. Kata-Karon Mayor Tawee Tongcham was allowed bail of 100,000 baht at 2am. Photos by Kamala Reporter

Original Report

PHUKET: All of Phuket's municipal councils have today been ordered to demolish huts and salas used by taxi and tuk-tuk drivers on public land as the move against the ''untouchables'' spreads over the whole island.

The order was delivered by Region 8 Police Commander and Task Force Chief Major General Panya Mamen as he overrode years of inaction by local Phuket authorities.

Seventy-three arrests were made yesterday in the campaign to break the grip of the drivers on the holiday island, with the campaign by 1150 soliders, police and volunteers to continue today. Those arrested yesterday are likely to appear in court today.

A total of 236 people and 233 vehicles are on the task force hit list.

Eleven illegal taxi ranks among the 287 on Phuket are the first to be visited by the law enforcement team. The numbers of people named and to be arrested are in brackets following the rank name:


Club Med (17) Avista (15) Peach Hill (14) Casa Del Sol (20) The Old (31) Centara Grand (18).

Cherng Talay/Surin

Doubletree by Hilton (19) Best Western (19) Dala (16).


Cape Sienna (21)

Mai Khao

Holiday Inn (46)

Other resorts around Phuket have been invited to lodge complains with the task force through the leader of the investigation, Major General Praveen Pongsirin, on 081 8936083.

He and his team have spent the past three months investigating Phuket taxi and tuk-tuk drivers and their links to suspect local authorities.

Elected officials who have aided and abetted the taxi and tuk-tuk drivers will face prosecution by the Office of the Public Sector Anti-Corruption Commission.


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All drivers driving tuk-tuk, taxi, metered taxi, minibus are working as touts and are selling tours to get big commission from tour-operators which is illegal as they do not have license from TAT.

Posted by Whistle-Blower on June 5, 2014 10:20


Wow, feels like there is no minute when they are not planning and executing the next move. Great news indeed.

Posted by Jakub P. on June 5, 2014 10:36


All excellent news.. Well done, DEFINETLY steps in the right direction...

There is hope for Phuket now and in the future..

Posted by Robert on June 5, 2014 10:55


Sala on the pavement outside Big C in Kamala has been demolished but they have just set up a new one in the Parking Lot. Big police and Army presence currently in Surin - keep up the good work.

Posted by Mister Ree on June 5, 2014 10:57


LONG LIVE THE ARMY!! great news to start with ED... thank u for making my day perfect.... and to u Guys in Green. Keep up the steam power .... now its alot of Businesspeople in phuket that are help to support thousands of thousands of families in Thailand put the trust in u and so the light for Phuket for the first time in many many years... WELL DONE!

Posted by frog on June 5, 2014 12:02


Ok, now we are getting somewhere. These salas are public health issues as they are often strewn with garbage, empty Leo and SongSerm bottles and have a strong odor of urine, as all the drivers urinate on the ground nearby.

Posted by NomadJoe on June 5, 2014 12:21


Wake me up if I'm dreaming ! Absolutely the most positive step taken in the 26 years of my visiting/living in Phuket. Driving is their job not lounging around smoking, drinking, gambling, sleeping or watching TV. If there are few customers then stay home and work at the busy times. Next step is to reduce the number of their reserved parking spaces and MOVE THEM AWAY from busy road junctions, particularly around Kata/Karon PLEASE ! While not normally in favour military coups if this one manages to lessen countrywide corruption it will have been worth the bad publicity it has generated outside Thailand.

Posted by Honesto on June 5, 2014 15:53


what was thought too be a pipe dream has become a dream come true , ease those travel warnings Thailand just become one of the safer places in the world.

Posted by slickmelb on June 5, 2014 15:56


How does this fix anything? The legal taxis are parked everywhere and won't move for less than 200 baht. Seems they are just taking out the competition.

Posted by Fred Garvin on June 5, 2014 16:23


good job,,every where in phuket people happy its great news about taxi karon still many huts still there hilton resort and near about.

Posted by joh on June 5, 2014 17:47


@ Fred Garvin... we start with the biggest problem, then all is "legal" we made the real change... which is... the rate, and maybe even the numbers of Tuk Tuks. coz a public transport is on the way.. :)

Posted by frog on June 5, 2014 18:32


The story says the police were from Ranong province, is that correct? Or were from the local Ranong office in Phuket Town? I know the police can be corrupt, but having to truck them in from 4 hours away to tear down an illegal taxi stand doesn't seem right.

Posted by JustSomeGuy on June 6, 2014 04:49

Editor Comment:

Extra police were called in from all over the region to help, JSG. It's a task force. Nothing more than that.


The Rimlay taxi gang on Rawai beach have now set up on private land behind there old stand. Same same but different

Posted by tony kenny on June 8, 2014 16:32

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