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Akima, aged nine, among the 18 trafficked women and children

The 18 Rohingya Women and Children Being Trafficked in Thailand Today: Photo Special

Tuesday, July 23, 2013
PHUKET: These are the faces and names of 18 Rohingya women and children who have become the target of traffickers in the latest escape from a family shelter north of Phuket.

Some of them are being trafficked today, others are to be sold as ''slaves'' soon.

The women and children went over the wall at the government-run Khao Lak shelter about 2am on Sunday, apparently no longer prepared to wait for a decision by the Thai Government on their status and futures.

Since January, when authorities interrupted the people trafficking trade through Thailand, small groups of women and children have been enticed from the shelter.

Fleeing ethnic cleansing in Burma, the women and children continue the journey to Malaysia once traffickers have been paid their usual fee of 60,000 baht per adult.

The traffickers buy and sell people along the Andaman coast under the noses of authorities, probably with the help of renegade officers among the police and the military.

Twelve of the women and children in the Photo Album above have had the demands for cash by the traffickers met by close family or other relatives already in Malaysia.

The 12 will be trafficked across the Thai-Malaysia border on Tuesday afternoon, we are told.

Six have been less fortunate, acording to a reliable source who has spoken to the broker. No payment has been made for them.

The six, one woman and five boys, are being held in a house in the province of Surat Thani, Phuketwan has been told.

The five boys are likely to be offered as indentured ''slaves'' on Thai or Malaysian fishing trawlers, the trafficking ''broker'' told our source.

Crews on Thai fishing boats often work under harsh conditions or abuse that frequently leads to death or serious injury.

Phuketwan has yet to determine which six of the 18 pictured above are still being held by the trafficker.


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Have you informed the police and other authorities concerned though? Surely, you would not want to sit idly as and when people are getting "trafficked".

Posted by David on July 24, 2013 13:43

Editor Comment:

Your post is offensive and displays your ignorance, David. When we need your advice on moral behavior or any other topic, we will ask for it.
Don't hold your breath. Goodbye.


Er commentator post this. You don't seem like the ED AM making comments, WTF is offensive with Davids comment? Just remember you have been accused of trafficking yourselves. If you are not AM I suggest you look for another job, commentating is not your forte in life.

Posted by DunB on July 24, 2013 16:53

Editor Comment:

We find WTF offensive too, DunB. But we'll let it pass just this once to show other readers the kind of rude, ignorant posts we have to put up with from dingbats who can't tell right from wrong. There appear to be a few of you.
Some readers contribute nothing except petty gripes and indignation to our articles. A first-time commenter who clearly has no knowledge of our record on the Rohingya has about as much comment cred as you do, DunB. In other words, none. Dingbats don't tell us what to do. That's WTF.


Er um great the old ed is back. ED, may I just add please, that WTF is, What The Following, or do you have a sewer-trap mind? Geez get with it boy,what is up with Davids comment? Nothing. He asks a valid question, if the shoes of the Rohyinga are on your feet, would you not like those reporting of your ails to report matters to the police? My comment offensive, dingleberry???

Posted by DunB on July 24, 2013 17:20

Editor Comment:

What we really want from commenters is value, DunB. Pearls of information. Drops of wisdom. Challenged newcomers like David read a few paragraphs and, instead of dealing with the substance of the article, make fools of themselves. As you know, we take objection to being told what to do. Our integrity is not in question.

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