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Governor Maitree and his wife, Pawinee, arrive on Phuket today

New Governor Aims to End Rip-Offs

Monday, October 8, 2012
PHUKET: The new Governor of Phuket, Maitree Inthusud, arrived on Phuket today and said his main priority was to prevent rip-offs and to save tourists from being ''attacked'' in any way.

Khun Maitree, with his wife Pawinee, went first from Phuket International Airport to the Heroines Monument in central Phuket, then to Chalong Temple.

After paying his respects and giving thanks, he went to a celebratory introductory feast at the Phuket Governor's Mansion with leading Phuket officials.

There was double reason for celebration: today is the governor's 57th birthday.

''I'm glad to be able to come to Phuket,'' he said. ''As a person with origins in the country, I hope to be able to adapt to oversee this international destination.''

The new governor said that he was looking forward to co-operating with every sector, and to administering Phuket for the benefit of the whole nation.

Tourism safety and protection from damaging rip-offs was his first priority, he said.

He added that he hoped to be able to delegate many responsibilities to local authorities.

When departing Governor Tri Augkaradacha structured a meeting for what should have been Governor Maitree's first day last week, he organised briefings on the jet-ski scams, on the illegal taxis and on the alleged encroachment on Phuket's Sirinath national park.

It would have been an ideal way for Governor Maitree to quickly be brought up to speed on three key issues.

However, his appointment to the job was delayed because of a political scandal that erupted in Bangkok.

Governor Tri took a step-by-step approach towards solving Phuket's problems and structured committees to look at each of them.

Those that could not be solved locally have been passed to Bangkok authorities, who are in the process of helping to find local solutions.

Governor Maitree is likely to continue that approach.

Previous governors on appointment have been surprised at the number of problems experienced on Phuket. Governor Maitree is expected to be no exception.

Phuket's new governor begins work having filled the role in Phayao and Trang provinces.


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If being brought up to speed on the situation regarding the jet ski and taxi/tuk-tuk scams with a clear unbiased brief might I suggest Mr Governor you type in this papers search box the words jet ski,taxi or tuk-tuk then you will be sure to have a full honest unbiased brief on the disgusting situation that has been allowed to continue for decades and with a bit of luck you may even take action against these people who are sullying the name and image of phuket and Thailand.

Posted by Scunner on April 17, 2013 02:11

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