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Rawai Mayor Aroon Soroj cuts some grass today in a flood prone area

More Phuket Rains Forecast as Mayors Show They Care About Island Flooding

Tuesday, August 11, 2015
PHUKET: More rain is forecast overnight for Phuket as the Prime Minister met with officials in Bangkok to ask about enduring floods.

On Phuket, two mayors turned out to show their interest. About 120 families are affected, mostly around Nai Yang.

Some have already left their flooded homes, seeking refuge with friends or family elsewhere on the island, Marine Police said.

Rawai Mayor Aroon Soroj dangled off a back hoe to trim some grass today and Chalong Mayor Samran Jindapon waded through water to visit residents suffering from floods because of poor decisions about recent construction.

More heavy rain is predicted by meteorologists from 9pm tonight, making relief unlikely for flood-hit families at Nai Yang, Chalong and Rawai.

The flooding at all three places on Phuket is being attributed to construction projects cutting off the normal flow of rainwater.

Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-O-Cha today met the Director of the Department of Water Resources and specifically asked how authorities were coping with floods on Phuket and in the province of Korat.

Royal Thai Navy personnel combined with Marine Police to use dinghies to ferry in and out families and relief workers at Nai Yang and other inundated zones across the holiday island.

In Chalong, with water removed from three flooded areas today, authorities are on standby for more flooding overnight.

In Rawai, more rain was also expected to renew concerns about the potential for rising floodwaters.

Phuket's Governor Nisit Jansomwong is expected to visit the Nai Yang trouble-spot tonight.


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Mayors show they care? What care? Look?
Walk through water or cut silly some grass? That will not help the flood-hit families. Moreover, these Mayors don't need to look, as they experience this year in year out. Same for Governor.
'To look' is not help. When are the authorities going to do something to realize future will be without flood-hits at the year in year out same locations, affecting same families?

Posted by Kurt on August 11, 2015 17:02


what a joke! want to help?...stop the damn construction projects and scraping down the vegetation

Posted by sky on August 11, 2015 18:53


It's water off a duck's back!

Just a publicity stunt to get a photo shoot. Nobody believes they have any interest or money would be spent on serious drainage before the wet season started.

Posted by Logic on August 11, 2015 19:58


Despite criticism, in Rawai when there are flooding problems, Or bor tor arrives quicly and solve the problems. The only bad thing is how they take care the beach. But anyway much better than Kata-Karon.. A sample: the public ligt long all Saiyuan runs till the point view.. after is a dark descent to Kata since many months

Posted by dave on August 12, 2015 03:23

Editor Comment:

Weren't new lights installed all along the Karon shorefront quite recently? Has Rawai buried its power lines yet? I think you may be showing perverse favoritism, dave.


I love the olympic swimming pool at the Tesco Lotus intersection on Bypass road.
That is a lot of water that will have to be drained before work can commence.
I wish these developers would stop trying to bury Phuket under tons of concrete.
They may one day just break the Phuket dragons back. Then where will they be or go?

Posted by Duncan B on August 12, 2015 05:07

Editor Comment:

It's an engineering issue and private contractors are skilled at resolving those, Duncan B. Some just take a little longer.


Sorry ED.. is't not favoritism, are facts! The budget to buried the cable in Karon was paid by PEA almost at all. Instead is a fact that the light long the road hill (dangerous way also) doesn't work since more than 4 months, Kata side only!

Posted by dave on August 12, 2015 11:13

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