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Patong beach . . . the monsoon season triggers danger at Phuket beaches

Phuket Beach Tragedy: Boy Missing in Patong Surf

Saturday, June 2, 2012
PHUKET: As darkness fell this evening, rescuers at Phuket's Patong beach were hunting for a missing 17-year-old boy, lost in the surf.

Not far away in Patong Hospital, a 22-year-old was recovering in Patong Hospital after being rescued.

Lifeguards at Patong were reported to have raced into the water once they became aware that the pair were in trouble.

It's not known at this stage whether the two are athletes from another province, visitng Phuket for the Phuket Games 2012.

Kusoldharm Foundation workers involved in the search said they believed the pair were both from Bangkok.

Most of Phuket's beaches have been popular with youngsters among the thousands who are on Phuket for the 28th National Youth Games, competing in about 40 sports.

The Phuket Games were initially due to be held in January, when the beaches would have been safer. But the big event had to be postponed to May-June because of the floods in and around Bangkok last year.

Phuket Governor Trei Augkaradacha warned officials and coaches earlier in the week to keep their students out of the sea on days when the waves were obviously dangerous.

Lifeguards plucked a child from surf at Kata on Thursday after a group of children from landlocked Sisaket province went into the water.

Locals said the children were inappropriately dressed in long sleeves and pants and the heavy clothing may have meant the boy was unable to stand when hit by waves.

Karon beach, south of Patong, is notoriously dangerous at this time of the year because of monsoon ''rips''.


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should we feel sorry for these people?

Posted by Mike on June 2, 2012 20:22


Patong is a very long beach. I've been there at this time of year 4 out of the last 5 years and never seen a red flag on it.

Posted by pete on June 3, 2012 07:31

Editor Comment:

That possibly says more about your eyesight than the lifeguards, pete. Did you spot any jet-skis?


@Ed...once again you demean someone..your comment to pete is a bit, well let's say unfair, if flags were out but not seen, then possibly there could be a problem, with the position of the flags, remember, you were NOT there on the days that pete was or, maybe no lifeguards on duty.

Posted by Laurie Howells on June 3, 2012 10:16

Editor Comment:

Laurie, I don't ''demean'' anyone, only point out doubtful logic and eyesight problems. The red flags are missed by many. Pete's another one. Your petty criticism is another pointless post.

gravatar abuse your powerrs as way can my comment be construed as"pointless"...once again you choose to demaen someone, in this case me...when I CLEARLY stated, you were NOT there when pete was, you do not know if there was or was not any flads, or for that matter, where they were placed...they should be close to the waters edge. Debate is good, but demeaning people is not.

Posted by Laurie Howells on June 3, 2012 11:14

Editor Comment:

Laurie, as usual you have some things half-right. Yes, it is a debate, a conversation, and it's between me and pete. Your ill-considered intervention only demonstrates your keenness to foist your opinion on us all about everything, even when you have next-to-nothing to add.



Posted by Laurie Howells on June 3, 2012 11:55

Editor Comment:

The only one interested in constantly addressing me and my deficiencies is you, Laurie. Deal with the topics and stop wasting your time and mine.

gravatar a man..we both know many others have addressed your deficiencies...but as you sem to have a problem you can not admit low of you to "moderate" my comment but once again choose to demean can not sink much lower, you really should not be in your position, you are far too biased to be an effiecent Editor. Look back at all my comments, no one, I repeat, no one, except you, has ever said anything negitive...but then look back at what you have said, and you will find many who disagree with you.

Posted by Laurie Howells on June 3, 2012 12:40

Editor Comment:

This is not a competition to win elected office, Laurie, so even if everybody agrees with you - and they don't - it doesn't matter a fig, except to you. My only bias is in favor of accuracy and constructive additions to our collective knowledge. Your comments are often negative and - to borrow your own word - demeaning, especially when it comes to cultural differences. As editor, I will determine what's useful and what's not. And just as one example (as you fail to be able to understand) saying ''how about closing the beach, oh, that would be a bit like the movie one wants the beach closed, it would scare the money away'' is not useful. It's a demeaning put-down. Get it?

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