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Phuket's new airport buses are freshly painted but yet to roll

Airport Buses Roll in Wrong Direction

Tuesday, April 30, 2013
PHUKET: Eight buses, labelled as being part of the Phuket International Airport service, can now be seen operating around Phuket.

The buses have yet to run on the service from Phuket airport to Patong, Kata and Karon.

But the buses' owner is having to try as best he can to make ends meet, Phuket Land Transport Office Director Terayoot Prasertphol said today.

The owner, whose deal to run the service has yet to be officially confirmed, bought six buses from Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok and added them to two he already owned, given then all a cream and blue ''Airport'' paint job.

Phuket taxi and tuk-tuk drivers have said at public meetings that they will blockade Phuket's streets if the buses run.

The threat comes despite the obvious benefits to Phuket's tourism industry and to Phuket residents that a low cost hop-on hop-off bus service would bring.

''We have yet to organise a new public meeting with the Phuket Chamber of Commerce and Rajabhat University,'' Khun Terayoot said.


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Spineless, this is never going to come to fruition is it so just fold as you people running the show here and enforcing the laws always do when confronted by the taxi/tuk-tuk cartels threats better that than allowing this sham to continue any longer.

Posted by Scunner on April 30, 2013 18:37


pretty new buses, pretty paint jobs, but also pretty pointless since they will not be allowed to serve the purpose they were supposed too! Agree with 'Scunner' entirely on his thoughts, it's not even worthy of column inches anymore because it's never going to happen until there is a fundamental core change in the thinking of local Thai authorities, manipulating narrow minded cartels and ultimately the government!

Posted by Anonymous on April 30, 2013 18:59


It's time for the government to bring the army to defend and protect that important public service against the taxis and tuk-tuk drivers ignorance and egoism! Phuket Airport Buses has the priority than everything, also than the construction of the tunnel!

Posted by James on April 30, 2013 19:48


The first word of Scunners comment sums up this place, spineless. Until the happy juice drinkers and the corrupt officials are stamped out, Bee-all is going to change. Live with it once and for all, this is Thailand, the world hub of failures and hot air media releases.

Posted by IneptoCracy on April 30, 2013 19:54

Editor Comment:

I thought that when Scunner used the word 'Spineless,' he must have been responding to another anonymous commenter.

Ooops. Silly me.


I hope that the bus operator will be compensated for the lack of income this mess is resulting in. Compensation should be paid personally by those responsible for this mess, the police chiefs for not ensuring and guaranteeing that the busses can run and the politicians that cooked up the mess. The tuk tuk drivers and taxi drivers cannot be punished as they have only issued a threat but not done anything factual as of yet.

Posted by Sailor on April 30, 2013 20:13

Editor Comment:

Ah well, now we know who to blame then.


Where are to buses actually rolling to/from? Clearly it's all still a farce.

Posted by chill on May 1, 2013 02:17


the company that has superior customer service will only have one problem with profits they will be embarrassingly large "quote' Henry Ford!
(you do need a operating service first)

Posted by slickmelb on May 1, 2013 03:21


I didn't think would be a private bus service but government run,guess the government knew best not to trust itself
so a private enterpreneur is funding this one how many factors will be at work to break him so a bus bumper bar doesnt roll into kata karon or patong
id say plenty.

Posted by slickmelb on May 1, 2013 03:37


To the Editor. Are you another spineless person scared of the taxi mafia or are you on the payroll.

Posted by Peter on May 1, 2013 07:19

Editor Comment:

Most people understand the boundaries of debate but there are always ratbags who prefer gratuitous insults.
Scunner started his comment ''Spineless, this is never going to come to fruition . . .'' You appear to have missed the joke.
I'm not here as a target for your bile, perverse Peter. All your previously published comments have been removed.


Ohho, hope the editor understands that there are more than one Peter commenting here in the future! PW has always kept a positive eye on the public transport debate here on Phuket, reporting about both sides in the battle, well done. Trying to win over the Tuk Tuk corp. can be fatal and brutal as shown in the past, still there are people who will take up the battle! Spineless, absolutly NO!

Posted by Peter on May 1, 2013 10:47

Editor Comment:

Thanks, Peter.


Just revoke 90% of the Tuk Tuk licenses and lower the fares by 90%. The rest will have a good living, but will now have to work instead of blocking streats, beaches and so on-

Posted by AC on May 1, 2013 18:13


Let me guess it's deputy Ed Mrs or Miss S ,I thought you were going to stop with the sarcastic comments and take time to chill out before coming up with your really not so witty editorial comments that always seem to go against the majority of the people commenting on your articles.Clearly you need to relax and reflect again on what your readers are saying Kaaaaaaaaaaaah

Posted by Scunner on May 2, 2013 20:56

Editor Comment:

We've no interest in the opinions of the ignorant, Scunner, especially those inclined to bigotry. It should be obvious, even to you, that the published views of readers here sometimes represent a rabid minority whose outlook bears no resemblance to reality. To talk of the rabid ranters as being in any way a majority is laughable. If you don't like our unbiased reportage, find another outlet for your disjointed diatribes.


@AC what licences? you get a pick up put to benches in the back instant taxi business.

Posted by slickmelb on May 3, 2013 05:25


And the future of Phuket is to bring a higher class of tourists?......

Good luck with issues like this still going on!

Posted by Jaded on May 13, 2013 02:12

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