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A South African tourist was killed when his motorcycle crashed into this pole

Newly Arrived Phuket Tourist Killed as Motorcycle Crashes Into Pole

Saturday, October 18, 2014
PHUKET: A South African tourist is dead after crashing his rented motorcycle into a power pole today on a road between two of Phuket's best-known beaches.

The man, aged 51, lost a lot of blood at the scene from a head wound and died after being taken to Patong Hospital by paramedics.

The crash came at 9.35am when the man, who had only just arrived on the island, lost control of the vehicle outside the Kata Gardens, on the road between Kata and Kata Noi.

He was not wearing a helmet when his head struck a power pole.

It's not known whether the man had a licence to ride a motorcycle.

Phuketwan has been supplied with the man's name but will not release it until after we can be sure his relatives have been notified.

Updated monthly figures on Phuket's road toll have not been issued since April, 2012, when local officials stopped releasing them.

Although Thailand's government is anxious to convey the message to the world that Thailand is a safe place for tourists to visit, far more visitors die needlessly from crashes on roads - especially involving motorcycles - and drownings on beaches than from crimes.


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Sad but all too common. You could keep the article on a clipboard and just change the name and location for what seems to be almost a weekly event.

Again, no helmet, less chance of survival. Another failure to dispute the theory of evolution!

Posted by Manowar on October 18, 2014 15:50


Just a few days ago I wondered why helmets in hot countries don't have slots that let some air inside to cool the head and avoid sweating. Is it because they just copy helmets without thinking, or would that decrease the stability significantly?

Posted by Helmut on October 18, 2014 17:06


This is just like Groundhog Day.Very sad.

Why on earth was he not wearing a helmet?

One, isn't it the law of Thailand to do so, and two, isn't it incredibly stupid not to?


Posted by Jase on October 18, 2014 17:43


when will this stop hire a motorcycle to anyone no experience needed passport for collatorial please,you no need a helmet so we dont have when this stops the road toll will plunge ,the law & the moraly correct have no relationship in this place only the baht rules another body on the slab due to this attitude.

Posted by slickmelb on October 18, 2014 17:47


Terrible and many condolancies to the man's family and friends. Many of these accidents would be avoidable if people follow basic common sense such as wear a helmet, familiarize oneself with conditions and driving styles, etc. I've been lucky to drive in dozens of places around the world and whilst Phuket isn't great for safety...I'd rather be driving here than in Rome or Rio or the M25 !!

Posted by Marco on October 18, 2014 18:04


So so sad..

Speed kills.....


Posted by Robert on October 18, 2014 18:44



agree with you about Rio

Posted by Michael on October 18, 2014 21:40


'I am on holiday so the rules don't apply'- another wasted death because someone chose to drive outside the law.

Posted by Mister Ree on October 18, 2014 21:51


It looks like fun but you actually need a licence to drive a motorbike for a reason. Most of the Farangs that rent a bike here have never ridden one before and definitely don't have a licence to do so, they wouldn't do it at home so why do they think they are going to be able to do it here?
I think you really do lose your logic when you enter this amazing place.

Posted by Steven Hopgood on October 18, 2014 21:58


"Although Thailand's government is anxious to convey the message to the world that Thailand is a safe place for tourists to visit.."

The quote begs the question - How many more "high-risk" Tourists are anxiously counting down the days in their home country - until they fly to Thailand this high season, only to die on a roadway?

If only a few of them knew BEFORE HAND what lay in store for them on their 'dream holiday,' they would surely adjust their attitudes, behaviors and expectations, or stay home.

No one seems to be telling tourists how to behave in Thailand, or they aren't listening.

It's a combination of the two - a fatal mix. It's also a chronic, problematic issue that remains unresolved and generally unaddressed at many levels , with plenty of blame to go around.

Posted by farang888 on October 18, 2014 23:06

Editor Comment:

A little research before travelling would certainly help. The difficulty is, as Larry Cunningham, the former honorary consul, frequently pointed out, people tend to leave common sense behind. Sadly, it can be fatal.


A licence does not mean you are capable nor competent. It means you have passed a rules test and a simple practical driving test.
I've had bikes since I was 5 years old, I have never had an accident and I also never drive one on the road at home.
The reasons are quite simple. I have commitments to family and for my own pleasure, to expose them to having to survive me without my support would be devastating to their quality of life
More importantly, simple physics determines that when a bike hits either a car or a concrete pole, the car or pole always wins the contest.

I have occasionally indulged in Thailand and enjoyed it so much that I considered doing the same at home. Luckily common sense prevailed.

Posted by Manowar on October 18, 2014 23:20


I am 99% sure, he did not have a driving license for motorbike.
The rental business will totally disappear if this is controlled. Same with Thai citizen. Start there and accidents will be redused to the half within weeks.

Posted by cliwe on October 19, 2014 00:23


The missing point is this: Roads in Phuket are not straight you have to leverage between the roads that go sideways, Some roads pulls your bike to the right and some to the left i have seen many drivers fall off there bikes due to not anticipate by the behaviour of the road itself, you can expierience this behaviour at its best in the mountains where you can feel intensely that the bike is pulling to the right or leftside of the road and you think you are driving on a straight road, Many people dont know this fenomena when you never driven on roads built on rocky scenery where bikes are pulled left or right, When you drive and you dont know how to correct this you will certainly fall.

Posted by ThailandFan on October 19, 2014 00:37


No proper bus or public transportation leads to this every day. Wake up Phuket an island wide bus system is 10 years overdue. Duh!

Posted by mungkood on October 19, 2014 01:06


There is an obvious reason why road authorities do not conduct safety accident tests on bikes nor do they see the need to use a crash test dummy to determine likely injuries.
They same logic, I assumed used, not to enforce installation of ejection seats on helicopters.

Posted by Manowar on October 19, 2014 05:42


Who rides a bike??, knows the risks, specially at the age of 51. In this case, as no there's no other party involved, even more. This may sound heartless but it's simple like that.

Posted by Resident on October 19, 2014 06:44


Most roads are not straight, that is why they are provided with a front wheel which can be rotated to change the intended direction of travel.
Roads to not have behavioural problems. They exist in the state they are just prior to you driving over any section.
The fundamental design of roads includes varying camber, positive and beget active elevation. The reasons for this are obvious to most.
I would suggest that if you feel a road is pulling you either left or right and you are unable to deal with this, for the safety of all other road users, please don't drive. You are not competent!

Posted by Manowar on October 19, 2014 07:55


The cause of most farang problems in Thailand is clear. Having spend the last year or so in their own country, over regulated in order to protect one from their owns decisions, they arrive in Phuket with high anticipation of what fun they will have.
The endorphins released distorts the ability to think clearly. First believing they have acquired the skills of Valintino Rossi, the looks of George Clooney and why should this visual delight be covered by a helmet.
A few beers in a bar later, they believe they possess the martial arts skills of Steven Segal and have a right to practice on others.
A few more beers and they believe they are a genetic match to the great Casanova and once the beer googles are fully loaded, they believe all the Victoria Secrete models in their company should be treated to these newly acquired skills.

The hangover brings back the reality of life which is not appreciated, so the cycle is repeated.

Posted by Manowar on October 19, 2014 08:54


Very sad yes, and having in the past medevac'd patients from bike accidents I look at all the tourists here in their shorts etc on bikes with feeble helmets and wonder what they are thinking. In their home countries they would be wearing leathers and the latest safety helmet. Falling off a bike at even low speed onto the hot tarmac of roads will do a lot of damage to exposed skin not just the obvious head injury.

Posted by Anonymous on October 19, 2014 08:58


Yes another sad accident.
Many 'accidents' are preventable but it is ultimately the responsibility of the individual to weigh the risks of any endeavor is it not?
The 'Blame Game' achieves nothing nor do published statistics,warnings etc.
In the US,land of litigation lottery,the family would probably sue the power company for the placing of their pole.

Posted by david on October 19, 2014 10:17


Very sad, RIP. Between kata and kata Noi one should not drive fast, the road there is ok. wear helmet, and maintain slow speed as a tourist-rental.. You are not in a hurry, yes? As the Editor already mentioned, tourist tend to leave common sense behind in many ways, like the way driving motorbike, behavior on beaches ( red flags, don't swim!), PromThep Cape, etc. Some time ago there was a discussion about motorbike rentals, how to improve. Was all lip service, nothing has changed. Phuket transport mafia is still in charge. Some went underground, but are waiting to pop up again like Spring flowers!. Same as the rich influential beach vendors who are now joining forced for come back. A real challenge for NCPO!

Posted by kurt on October 19, 2014 14:01


When a foreign visitor ( I presume with a good health insurance) get transferred first to Patong hospital, a 30 thb thai scheme hospital, he has not much chance to survive, simple the medical equipment there is not available to do more than the basic injuries/complains. Patients arriving there are always shifted to the international hospitals in Phuket town. Mostly to late to survive. Hopefully the new hospital between Chalong and Phuket town can become more life saving.

Posted by Kurt on October 19, 2014 14:09

Editor Comment:

You're being insulting and unfair to Patong Hospital, Kurt. The care there is good and they don't lose too many patients. Standards have improved greatly.


I feel a little sorry for the people renting out the motorbike. But as usual, money first - then a little brain.

Posted by Retired Roadworker on October 19, 2014 15:14


Re: Manowar, I am not talking about myself i am talking about people who never had a expierence on these particular roads, I have driven many times in Thailand and never had a accident i am not a danger to other drivers and i am offended by the way you think that i drive as you stated "for the safety of all other road users, please don't drive. You are not competent!" this is not true i happen to have all the driver licenses a person can have except for a bus, So i think you are way off in your statement, next time read closely before making a accusation wich in this case is uncalled for because again i am talking about people who never have driven a bike and people who are driving for the first time in a environment wich is new to them by the behaviour of the road itself.People should be aware of this and thats what i am trying to get across as a message to those who are thinking about renting a motorbike in Thailand.

Posted by ThailandFan on October 19, 2014 17:37


People who have never ridden a bike before should not be on the road.
I have driven on roads in many countries, left and right sides, flat, steep, wet, dry, ice, snow. I don't find any of them to be any different. You drive to the conditions. If you cannot determine what the conditions are, you probably should not be driving.

Maybe the womanowar has been feeding me double dosages of angry pills this weekend! I hope she continues.

Posted by Manowar on October 19, 2014 18:17


It looks so much cooler not wearing a helmet. Helmets are for needs.

Posted by somtam on October 19, 2014 21:51


Re: Manowar, The only condition is the one rambling in your head because you still seem to be missing my point, Nuff Said.

Posted by ThailandFan on October 20, 2014 01:32


Maybe the occasional punctuation may help readers interpret what you are saying. Then again, maybe not!

Posted by Manowar on October 20, 2014 10:44


I know the man that passed on. firstly, condolences to his mom, dad and sister Noamia, hes wife and hes amazing kids, he was an amazing person, he was not wearing a helmet but a very responsible man. for the people that say he had no motor bike liscence!!!!!! he did. by the way, hes name was Jorge.

Posted by paulo on October 21, 2014 00:18

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