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Phuket's Andaman region is a beautiful place of great diversity

Eight Fresh Ideas for Phuket's New Leaders

Saturday, September 20, 2014
PHUKET: The holiday island will soon have a new governor as well as a new minister for tourism and sport. Here are eight suggestions from Phuketwan on simple, effective ideas that can improve life on Phuket, Thailand's most prosperous and most international province.

Talk to the Right People

MAKE SURE that the people you listen to when you arrive on Phuket are the people with Phuket's best interests at heart, not people whose wallets do the talking. Involve those who have no vested financial interest. Avoid at all costs the marketers who suggest that Phuket's problems will vanish with greater numbers of tourists and a simple three-word slogan.

Make Phuket a Role Model

PRESSURE the national government to take up the idea of making Phuket the first corruption-free province in Thailand. The ''Phuket model'' can then be rolled out to other provinces. Start the ball rolling by urging police and Immigration chiefs to appoint new staff to Phuket with a proven record of being corruption-free. Introduce new blood at the Land Titles Office.

Slow Down Development

THE LIMIT on building above the 80-metre mark was a great idea. Now the pace of construction needs to be slowed in other ways. Make it mandatory for new resorts, condos, businesses and villas on Phuket and in Phang Nga and Krabi to provide their own water supply and 20 percent of their own power. This will create a new era of environmentally-sensitive development, slowing growth to sustainable levels.

Meet the People Regularly

ESTABLISH regular meetings that include Phuket's honorary consuls, representatives of community organisations, school principals and leading administrators. Residents and the people who understand tourists and expats can work together to achieve a broader community approach aimed at empowering a new generation on Phuket able to cope with the demands of Asean and international involvement.

Engage the Active Media

CALL IN the media to explain that Phuket's future depends on them spreading the message that Phuket needs a more thoughtful, considered approach to all aspects of dealing with tourism. For Phuket to progress in a world where new rivals are springing up all the time, people need to be accurately informed in a more thorough way. A narrow-minded media produces narrow-minded citizens.

Save the Children's Lives

MAKE IT mandatory for all children who arrive at and leave Phuket schools on motorcycles to be wearing a good-standard safety helmet.

Protect the Beaches

URGE The Royal Thai Navy to take control of supervising the beaches of the Andaman under an Andaman Beach Authority. Organise for the Navy to also supervise the region's marine parks to ensure park rangers are scrupulously honest. Have the Navy also begin dealing with human trafficking in a more proactive way.

Honor the Tsunami Heroes

MARK the 10th anniversary of the 2004 tsunami by having Thailand award tsunami medals to the heroes and the volunteer helpers from around the world who dealt with the tragedy by showing some of the finest qualities of the human experience. Thailand needs to celebrate the deeds of the good people who showed the world how to overcome adversity with speed and compassion.


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Guys can u add to the " save the children's lives" and make it "save everyone's life" by installing a simple, affordable public transport system with safe buses and taxis so that kiddies and everyone alike can take public transport and avoid all together dangerous roads and motorbikes. Seeing 3-4 kids on motorbikes going to school should be a thing of the past.

Posted by Tom on September 20, 2014 13:55


Great suggestions. "Talk to the Right People" should, in my opinion, be a priority from the off. Listen the wrong folk early on and Phuket will unlikely see change. Personally don't think the Royal Thai Navy are the right organisation for managing beaches, but agree there is definitely a need for an independent body.

Posted by Duncan on September 20, 2014 15:33


good list ED except the top spot should be Stop Corruption...without that the others can't be done

Posted by sky on September 20, 2014 17:50

Editor Comment:

Not in any particular order . . .


Would be nice to see them remove all the building built above 80 meters (except Big Buddha that was granted a waiver).

Posted by mike on September 20, 2014 22:20

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