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Phuket's best seafood at not-Phuket prices is in Phang Nga

Phuket's Best Seafood, Not on Phuket and Not at Phuket Prices

Monday, July 16, 2012
Baan Bang Pat, Phang Nga

Open: Daily for lunch and dinner.

Telephone: 087 2807473 087 6260070

Address: Baan Bang Pat, a mangrove village in Phang Nga, about 90 minutes from Phuket.

Style: Seafood, seafood, seafood.

Price range: Amazingly reasonable. Two people can order five seafood dishes for 600 baht, total. Three people can order seven larger dishes for 900 baht. And if you want to try the homestay, it will cost you 1000 baht with all meals included. That's right, a room plus breakfast, lunch and dinner, all for 1000 baht.

Specialties: Local black octopus, curried crab, boiled crab, shrimp, deep fried sardines, shellfish, steamed bass. If you catch it, they'll cook it.

What Phuketwan says:
This is Heaven on a stick for Phuket seafood lovers, but Heaven actually lies a bit of a drive off Phuket, at Baan Bang Pat. We've hunted down the freshest and best seafood around the region but nothing compares to Baan Bang Pat. This is the best, the freshest, and in the most authentic surroundings. A friend acted as guide and noted that in the months since she visited, the two village restaurants had grown to three. Eight kilometres off the main Phang Nga-Krabi road, the stilt village (heaven on a stick?) is reached over a narrow concrete bridge. Baan Bang Pat has yet to become a high-gear tourist attraction but the wheels have been set in motion, For now, it's a charming Muslim fishing village where the locals go about their daily activities in an unaffected way and the food is just fantastic. The area has a reputation for environmental preservation and does all the right things as far as trash is concerned. A sign warns that drugs are banned, and so is alcohol, although red and white grape juice is available with meals. This place would make an excellent stopover for anyone travelling between Phang Nga and Krabi who wanted to experience local culture up close. There are fishing trips available on longtails and an elevated concrete pathway winds through the mangroves nearby. The main homestay is a new building at one end of the boardwalk. You're welcome to share a family home, if you wish. Fabulous food that will probably not last at these kinds of prices forever.

How to find it: Drive to Phang Nga Town, take the turn right to Krabi, drive eight kilometres and turn right for Baan Bang Pat, opposite the Bang Toei Hospital.

Parking: The village car park, on one side of the narrow footbridge, is being enlarged to take more cars.

Phuketwan reviewers pay for their own meals. If we don't, we tell you. Baan Bang Pat is a candidate for Phuketwan's Phuket Restaurant of the Year 2012.


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In fairness, there are quite a few excellent and reasonably priced seafood restaurants on Phuket, though I will try and sample these reviewed in the near future.

What definitely puts me off though, is that I enjoy either a cold beer or glass of wine with my meal. Dining out for most westerners is an occasion to relax and enjoy the company of friends and/or family, which usually includes the modest consumption of alcohol.

Posted by Phil on July 16, 2012 18:31

Editor Comment:

Alcohol is not yet a prerequisite for relaxation, enjoying the company of friends and family, or indeed a necessity in dining out for ''most Westerners.'' Choice is what life is all about and there's no problem for you, then, Phil, in sticking to your regular haunts, or making a small sacrifice to eat great seafood.


This place sounds great and well worth a visit. Grape juice is just fine with me too. Cant wait to go here and maybe stay a night or two and enjoy this amazing food.

Posted by sateeb on July 17, 2012 00:42



I enjoy not cold beer, but freshly squeezed juice made from chilled and quality fruits, meaning not old overripen fruits with ice - and it is increasingly difficult to find it to get my favorite mixes guava+orange, papaya+lime/grapefruit and at reasonable prices.

Phang Nga & Takua Pa, meaning Khao Lak, is my favourite region out of Phuket, even for a day.

And yes, seafood is offerred at better prices, although in limited sortment: it is difficult to get large serrated crabs, and soft-shell crabs are not available at all.

In general, there is no lack of seafood restaurants on offer in Phuket. What they suffer from is non-educated customers who prefer to spend in Subway same amount what they would spend on seafood dinner - it can be seen at clusters of seafood restaurants/stalls like in Patong Food Park which poorly attended, and not because of too high prices - prices are in general OK.

Modern customer will order Coke for 50THB although fresh fruit shake/juice would be on offer for same price at the same menu.

What Phuket lacks is luxury seafood restaurant. Most high end restaurants in hotels if offers some fresh seafood items then like theme of the evening, and neither has seafood on ice stall.

Most resembling lux. seafood restaurant is Kalim Seafood - but this place is far not there in that segment, apart that they charge 2X - setting, atmosphere, etc.

Posted by SUe on July 17, 2012 07:35


@Sue, you need to get out more. One of the top seafood restuarants is in Bang Tao right near the beach. Got and check out Lotus and I would reckon you should make a reservation before you go, especially in high season. Their food is always fresh and you can meet your meal before you eat it. Prices are very good too. Enjoy.

Posted by Dun on July 17, 2012 08:19



Hi there,
thanks for info and advice, will check the Lotus restaurant out.

If even the Lotus will fall into the category of "luxury seafood restaurant" and is a good one, then still this is single occasion of such establishments in Phuket.

If I have overlooked them, can then pls give few more names that are in the category to check them them out and report back?

Posted by SUe on July 17, 2012 23:39


We were there 2010. Great place, only not with small kids who are not used to fell of into the water easily. Send you via twitter 3 pics from surrounding.

Posted by Lena on July 18, 2012 01:46

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