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The Phuketwan Restaurant of the Year 2014 is Poudam (Black Crab)

Phuketwan Restaurant of the Year: Food at Its Best

Thursday, January 8, 2015
Poudam (Black Crab) Restaurant, Cok-gloy, north of Phuket

Open: 10am-9pm

Telephone: 076 581240, 081 8944161, 076 581366.

Address: Main road, Cok-gloy, outskirts of town heading south.

Style: Local food cooked superbly well

Price range: Very reasonable. Fried rice with pork/chicken/shrimp/seafood 70 baht; red curry with streamed rice - that's what they call it - 70 baht; omelette thai style large or small 80/180 baht; vegetable-vermicelli soup 80/150 baht; catfish and coconut milk 80/180 baht; pepsi 15 baht; singha beer 80 baht.

Specialties: Phang Nga, Phuket style food using local ingredients and family recipes.

What Phuketwan says:
We stopped by once on a friend's recommendation and tried the food at Poudam. Our lives have been changed ever since. Once, we'd drop by if we happened to be hungry about the time we approached Phuket. Now we plan our trips north of the island to make sure a meal here can be included. This is local food at its superb best. On our last visit, we brought along a European chef who specialises in Thai food. He was blown away by the quality of what's delivered here. Although we haven't tried as many new restaurants as we would normally do for Restaurant of the Year in 2014, we have continued to eat in favorite places. The meals at Poudam are in our opinion easily the best local food to be found anywhere in greater Phuket, and the prices are incredibly low considering the variety of tastes that come so effortlessly. We have taken to experimenting by trying meals we wouldn't normally order, and the results have been fantastic. Start with the hor mook, which comes in banana leaf packages for 12 baht each, and expand from there in any direction you like. The restaurant is all timber tables and chairs and idiosyncratic family service. We can't wait to get back. Come to think of it, we still haven't tried the poudam.

How to find it: As you head towards Phuket on the main coast road through Cok-gloy, the last town before you hit the bridge back to the island, look for the restaurant on the southern edge of town. The signs are not big so best go slowly in the left lane.

Parking: Plenty of parking. The restaurant is set well back from the road, making it hard to spot. You won't see the large black crab from the road.

Phuketwan reviewers pay for their own meals. If we don't, we tell you. Poudam Restaurant is Phuketwan's (Greater) Phuket Restaurant of the Year, 2014.


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So the Phuket restaurant of the year is not in Phuket then?

Posted by phonus on January 8, 2015 07:59

Editor Comment:

Your reading and comprehension skills are improving, phonus.


They are certainly better than your Geography skills, Al.

Posted by phonus on January 8, 2015 08:25

Editor Comment:

Perhaps you need to broaden your outlook, PB. Things happen off Phuket. People eat. It's not the first restaurant we've reviewed in Phang Nga and Krabi, and it won't be the last. Good food at good prices, as with most other necessities, is becoming harder to find on Phuket. A previous winner of this title is White Sands Beach, which is even further away from the confines of your little island.


It's not my little island. I don't live there - you do. I live in a large Asian metropolis. It's your little island.

Posted by phonus on January 8, 2015 09:49

Editor Comment:

Well then, what's your point? If you don't like what you read or you feel you must nit-pick and waste my time, I have one response: take your eyeballs elsewhere. You are a phoney.


Maybe it should have read, Phuket Wan Restaurant of the Year?

Posted by FrankieV on January 8, 2015 10:34


What's my point? My point is that your Phuket Restaurant of the Year is (once again) not in Phuket.

Posted by phonus on January 8, 2015 10:36

Editor Comment:

Well boil my chicken. My my, you are covering the big issues today.


A Google maps link to the location would help readers find this place.

Posted by Tom on January 8, 2015 10:38


It's not even in Phuket, Greater Phuket, lol.

Posted by Ben on January 8, 2015 10:48

Editor Comment:

Hohoho, laughing Ben. Hohoho.


As always in reports like this, I am missing the coordinates of the place. It would make it much easier to find the location and share your good experience.

Posted by BeerChang on January 8, 2015 11:13

Editor Comment:

When we can afford a gps, we'll let you know.


Hang man Alan. All smartphones have GPS in them, under maps, navigator etc. If you and your staff need to use a GPS, let me know and I will forward the money to you, Like Graham did a few years back, yes 20THB to follow - up on stories. I'll buy you folks a GPS, on one condition, you do not close down, but beat the navy into submission. Fair deal or .. .. .. .?

Posted by Duncan B on January 8, 2015 13:17

Editor Comment:

I don't have a smartphone Duncan and I can live without one for the time being, thanks.


I agree! This place is fantastic value for money, I'd highly recomend going there. The pork ribs are my favourite. If anyone wants a great day out go to the hotsprings resort up the road for 400baht then stop off at the black crab for a feast. The location is on the main drag before the Phang Nga lights, not far, and on the same side as the mitsubishi showroom.

Posted by robin on January 8, 2015 13:30

gravatar I can say that best restaurant in Singapore is in Hong Kong!

Posted by claude on January 8, 2015 13:38

Editor Comment:

There are probably even people who think that Singapore and Hong Kong are both already suburbs of China.

Perhaps you have heard of London and Greater London? Or New York and Greater New York? It's really not a difficult concept, claude.


Although perhaps not bad, restaurant of the year is this giving this medicore restaurant way too much credit. As you're looking off the island anyway how about Ta Sai seafood, better food at similar prices in a stunning location, not on a highway. On the island there are many other places too that would certainly qualify and deserve the attention more then such an established place like Pu Dam.

Posted by Anonymous on January 8, 2015 13:53

Editor Comment:

Anonymous commenters usually do know better.


Ed - it would have been easier to simply admit the mistake, make a correction, instead of being defensive about it. As FrankieV said, it should perhaps read "PhuketWan Restaurant of the Year". Phang Nga is not in is a geographical fact!

Posted by Biz on January 8, 2015 15:17

Editor Comment:

It's no mistake, Biz. As long ago as 2009 I wrote about the 'Insider's guide to the best of Greater Phuket' for CNN. Even before then, the concept was fully understood and still is by all except a pedantic few.


What's my point? My point is that your Phuket Restaurant of the Year is (once again) not in Phuket.

Posted by phonus on January 8, 2015 10:36

Actually a very valid point.I simply can not understand how the editor can come out fighting, with quite aggressive rudeness (not for the first time, but then one has to consider where he was raised, a country not famous for manners or sophistication).

For a man who in the past has repeatedly demanded accuracy from his letter writers this is quite astounding.

The Phuket resteraunt of the year is not in Phuket. End Of.

Posted by Gobsmacked on January 8, 2015 15:17

Editor Comment:

It's great that this issue should inspire both you and Biz to make your first comments. I do hope you stick around to add value sometime. But please, drop the bigotry.


"Editor Comment:

It's great that this issue should inspire both you and Biz to make your first comments. I do hope you stick around to add value sometime. But please, drop the bigotry."

Nowhere near my first comment, I simply never remember what name I use or what fake email address I put up so as to stop you stalking on all previous comments.

Sorry about the bigotry, but Aus and NZ are not exactly known for sophistication, as you so truly portray almost daily.

Posted by Forgotmyname on January 8, 2015 18:03

Editor Comment:

And now another comment from another email address . . . your first from this address, as your previous comment was the first from the other email address. Insults about nationality are pointless. Pathetic.


Phang Nga is a much larger province by any measure than Phuket. It also has it's very own thriving tourism industry, khao Lak, Similan Islands, Surin Islands and Phang Nga Bay is all part of Phang Ngas tourism industry, just to name a few. Phang Nga is no "junior" place compared to big bad Phuket at all. Phuket ha the airport, that's all, otherwise a whole lot of people would bypass the island completely. To call Phang Nga "greater Phuket" is unfair and far too "Phuket-centric", this filthy island is far from being the centre of the universe, or even of souther Thailand. Maybe we should call Phuket "Greater Phang Nga" instead?

Posted by christian on January 8, 2015 18:17

Editor Comment:

That could happen one day but for now, the area serviced by Phuket airport and extending into the southern part of Phang Nga is quite widely referred to as ''Greater Phuket''. This is how most of the world came to learn earlier this year that the Kardashian family was staying ''on Phuket'' when they were actually in Phang Nga. It suits resorts to use the phrase because then people know what general area they are talking about. For Greater Phuket, simply turn left instead of right. Phang Nga is not well known and often confused with Phangan.


Don't be surprised phonus if next year the Phuketrestaurant of the Year is located in Australia.:-)

Posted by Philippe on January 8, 2015 18:51


Ed i love the restaurant reviews. Is there anywhere to find a list of your favourite ones on and around Phuket? As you know there are literally thousands and i'm only in Phuket every other month so i would like to try some with your good reviews.

Posted by sateeb on January 8, 2015 18:54

Editor Comment:

All of the restaurants in the articles at the end of this review are still open. There was also a list from 2013 here;
but best call to check or try to look them up online because even good restaurants close or change telephone numbers. Some of the best beachside restaurants have been cleared for good.


Thanks for that. Its great to get out and about and venture off phuket now and again. Stopping off at a good restaurant will just top the day off nicely..

Posted by sateeb on January 8, 2015 19:44


There are probably even people who think that Singapore and Hong Kong are both already suburbs of China.


OK, well, I consider both SAR and Bourgeois Republic of China "Singapore" as being part of the Greater China. Not now, but in middle future it would be a good strategic choice both for Singapore and PRC to merge or at least to establish some much closer association.

But without any doubt KoKloey is and always been referred as part of Phuket vicinity, or Greater Phuket. So do not see a point to emphasize that its provincial funds goes from Phang Nga province coffers.

Posted by Sue on January 8, 2015 20:21

Editor Comment:

As you know, Sue, geographical boundaries are not what counts. It's whether you feel Russian or Ukranian, Phuketian or Phang Ngain.



... in fact. the Phang Nga province is THE BEST province in Thailand, offering much more than any other for average tourist/visitor.
But, why you disclose this important information publicly? Do you want that hordes of patrons would thrust into direction of Phang Nga? Me not.

Please keep valuable secretes to yourself!

Posted by Sue on January 8, 2015 20:28


Out of all the comments posted, and all the opinions expressed, what I find 100% unacceptable is that the town your are refereing to where the restarant is situated, is spelt Khok Kloi or as the locals spell it Khok Kloy.

This is a fact, not an opinion or a comment.

Not only that, but the restarant is referred to in every online review as Poo Dam not PouDam.

So it's no wonder people dont know here it is or cant find it despite your high praise.

There are a couple of other similar variations of the spelling of Khok Kloi, but your phonetic attempt of spelling it Cok-gloy is nothing short of amteurish and lazy jounalism.

Virtually every google search for Poo Dam comes up with a Khok Kloi adress.

So before you retort with your usual I am right and you are wrong comment, I challenge you to find anywhere on Google where this place is spelt Cok-gloy. The closest you will get is Kok Gloy!

As for getting the spelling of your restaurant of the year incorrect - Priceless.

I hope you have the good grace to admit when you are well and truly wrong.

Posted by Rich on January 8, 2015 23:18

Editor Comment:

Please look at the photo album and the information provided at the restaurant about its location. In transliterations, there is no single correct spelling. We prefer to accept that where people say they are is where they want to be. The family chooses to use ''Poudam Restaurant (Cok-gloy)''. We're happy to go with that. We know there are alternatives. I suggest you come to terms with transliteration.

By the way, Rich, you wouldn't just be trying to point-score, would you? Is the word restarant? Really?


Thanks for the clarification on the spelling and I'm glad that you are happy. Clearly you are also happy to accept that the owners are also wrong, and that noone can find your restaurant of the year using a google search.

Not exactly helpful or informative to your readers or the retsaurant itself! I hope my post has at least made it easier to find for those who want to visit. AS they certainly wont find it searching for Pudam Cok-gloy!

Posted by Rich on January 8, 2015 23:39


Well done on spotting my mispelling of "restaurant" and I also typed here instead of where - but then again Im not the journalist you are!

As for points scoring, I lived in Khok Kloi for over 4 years, know the restaurant well, and in good conscience I couldnt let such inaccuracy pass me or your readers by, considering the prestige associated with the award.

Just admit that you and the owners are both wrong and a little fact checking goes a long way.

Noone will find this restarant on any search engine looking for Pou Dam in Cok-Gloy.

Ive really got nothing to prove other than confirming the FACTS. Hard to argue with the facts :)

Posted by Rich on January 8, 2015 23:54

Editor Comment:

Certainties in life don't exist so never be sure that your fact is the only fact. The variations in transliteration mean there is no one version of ''the facts.'' As Wikipedia says: ''There is no universally applied method for transcribing Thai into the Latin alphabet. For example, the name of the main airport is transcribed variously as Suvarnabhumi, Suwannaphum, or Suwunnapoom. Guide books, text books and dictionaries may each follow different systems. For this reason, most language courses recommend that learners master the Thai script.''

Enjoy your meal. And give up the pedantry.


You've clearly missed my point.

I really could'nt care less how you spell the town or the restaurant name, as long as your article allows your readers to easily find the place.

I would like to think that your article had that pupose also considering it is your restaurant of the year.

Currently the article makes it virtually impossible to find the restaurant unless you know the extremely area well.

You should be thanking me for helping your readers to actually find the restaurant rather than trying to belittle me with some cut and paste irrelevant deatils about transliteration.

As I said you've missed the point even though all my posts clearly refer to the issue of finding the restaurant and not about the exact spelling.

I really dont seee whats so "pedantic" about that other than your reluctance to read my comments with an open mind.

Posted by Rich on January 9, 2015 13:52

Editor Comment:

If people follow the directions, they'll find the restaurant easily. We know the alternatives, but we opted to go with the spelling used by the people who run the restaurant and have lived in the area even longer than you have. You clearly have a lot to learn.


Alan - down my soi a man has erected a sign that says 'Taxi Service - good diver'. Given your predilection for taking locals' signs literally as in the case of the 'Poudam in Cokgloy' should we assume that the taxi driver is indeed a diver when common sense would perhaps rule differently? BTW there are signs in Thalang that point to 'Urin Beach' - another case of the writer being correct just because he said so?

Posted by Sam Wilko on January 9, 2015 15:16

Editor Comment:

I don't have a problem with variations of spelling that make sensse, and I love the large sign for the new ''Green Love Brids'' store in Phuket City. By the way, it is Phuket City, not Phuket Town. And Ma-Ann is a Mayor, not a President. Greater Phuket or Southern Phang Nga . . . spelling and style are always going to provoke controversy.


There is no standardized way to transliterate thai to english, so the actual spelling is up to the individual.

Posted by christian on January 9, 2015 18:16

Editor Comment:



As most of your readers live in Phuket, how are you expecting them to find the restaurant if the town doesnt appear on any map based on the owner's local spelling.

Whats so difficult about diffrenetiating between the spelling and actually having a usuable reference to find the place.

Your directions assume that people have actually made it to Cok-Gloy in the first place. And we all know your feelings about assumptions dont we.

I'm sure I have plenty to learn, but perhaps you should learn where the majority of your readership base lives, which is Phuket and not Phang Nga, and certainly not Cok-gloy.

Best of luck to everyone trying to directions on Google.

Speling and style have nothing to do with easily finding directions from Phuket to your restaurant of the year.

Same goes to you @Christian.

Way to go on continually missing the point and focusing on the inane, just to avoid accepting that you have not provided any useful information for your Phuket readers to find the place you rate so highly.

Several readers immediately asked for better directions but all you could offer was a sarcastic comment on affording a GPS.

And yet you still want to argue the toss without a hint of grace, humility or simple acceptance that you could have done a better job informing your Phuket based readers at how to fins Poo Dam.

A simple map link added to you review would haave made all the difference to your article and to your readers.

Posted by Rich on January 9, 2015 22:00

Editor Comment:

You didn't look at the photo album - otherwise you would have noted the family's preferred spelling - and you didn't really read the words, otherwise you would have noted that there were simple and easy to follow directions how to find the restaurant.
And now you expect me to waste more time on your folly . . . sorry, Rich. I am not responsible for the failings of readers.
It's a very good restaurant and it doesn't deserve that most important point to be obscured by your pedantic, pathetic diatribe.

Just for you, in case you are in the mood to read:

How to find it: As you head towards Phuket on the main coast road through Cok-gloy, the last town before you hit the bridge back to the island, look for the restaurant on the southern edge of town. The signs are not big so best go slowly in the left lane.



Patonga Beach Hotel located in Australia,on Patonga beach, so you mean to review that as a sister resort to Phuket properties, a sit is out of question that this name has been granted by grateful patron of the PaTong beach to keep their memories alive?

Posted by Sue on January 11, 2015 23:34


Sounds top rated good value and appetizing and many a good one I recall but change my life forever be doubtful really Ed you has a life changing experience there.

Posted by slickmelb on January 12, 2015 00:54


Sue, Patonga Beach Hotel is a pub where patrons resort to drinking and if they require accommodation its free to sleep it off on the beach

Posted by Manowar on January 12, 2015 04:57


'Editor Comment:

Anonymous commenters usually do know better.'

Using a synonym or common first name is as anonymous as not providing a name at all. I always provide my real email address which make my comments a lot less anonymous then most. The only reason for me not using my name is that it is not a common (first) name and I don't want to be the one who always knows everything better. E.g. Khun S. etc. Of course he/she could be any S. Also, honesty or unpopular opinions can work against you when living here.

Posted by Anonymous on January 12, 2015 16:45

Editor Comment:

I have no idea whether email addresses are real or not and it's the way you present to other readers, including me, that counts. Your comments are just as anonymous as every other anonymous.


I agree. Though not with your restaurant of the year.

Posted by Peter James on January 14, 2015 14:37


If you want to know where this place is located, try this Google maps link - "B" is the location of the restaurant. You can also find it in Google maps by searching for "Pu Dam Khok Kloi Phang-nga".
I ate there on Sunday for the first time. The restaurant is easy to spot as there is a huge white sign with red lettering and a red crab on it about 20m high. You will see the sign from about 0.5 km away. Large car park just off the main road.
Verdict - worth a visit if you're in the area and you enjoy authentic Thai food (not dumbed down for tourists). Everything we ate was the "real deal".

Posted by Tom on January 19, 2015 20:55


Alan, looking forward to your reviews from Toorak Road's finest on your return. Please remember the GPS coordinates we don't get lost after the Sarasin Bridge

Posted by Manowar on January 27, 2015 15:13


Since Thai is a tonal language it is almost impossible to use a standard transcription scheme
(phonemic spelling with a western alphabet).
The Royal Thai General System of Transcription (RTGS) is the official system for rendering Thai language words
in the Latin alphabet, published by the Royal Institute of Thailand.
It is used in road signs and government publications, and is the closest thing to a standard of transcription for Thai,
though its use by even the government is inconsistent.
The system is almost identical to the one defined by ISO 11940-2.
It thus becomes difficult to recognize connections between multiple sources of information and transcription.
The only true spelling is the Thai script.

However even with a large degree of latitude, the editor's transcription is well off the accepted practise for
this town of Khok Kloi, and the local governement roadside signs might be a useful guideline surely, irrespective of
the individual restaurant owner's transcription preference.

The transcription is definitely very unusual, which makes the restaurant hard to find.

Another good restaurant in Khok Kloi is the Jungle Restaurant (sometimes called the wooden house restaurant).
This is about 2 km or so north of the main traffic lights in Khok Kloi town, on the left, on route 4 heading
towards Khao Lak.

I do not agree with all this greater Phuket nonsense.
Phuket is Phuket and Phang Nga is Phang Nga.
They are different Provinces and really and truly they should be recognised as such.
However in truth with such poor transcription, no-one is going to know where to look
for this greater Phuket anyway.

Posted by wyn on February 3, 2015 04:03


Hi Ed,

Nice find indeed, this restaurant opened for a long time 20+ years. My parents would bring me to this restaurant when I was young whenever we have time on the weekend. Their "Wok Fried Blue Crab Meat with Onion Spring" was heavenly delicious coupled with a dish of warm Jasmine Rice.

It used to be the best restaurant in the Andaman region; but sadly the quality has been declined the last 2 times that we've visited them - it was 2 years ago.

I will try to go back again, maybe they have changed their chef.

Poudam Restaurant GPS Coordinate is here:
8.264876, 98.301372

Posted by Ordinary Thai Guy on February 13, 2015 21:58


With due respect to all those involved in this discussion, I would still suggest that we defer to Wyn's comments, seeing that he's the only contributor to have done in-depth study into the matter of Thai-Roman translation leaps. Happy New Year (again).

Posted by Sam Wilko on February 21, 2015 18:35

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