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Traditional fare at traditional prices makes for a last century delght

Phuket Restaurant of the Year Sets Last Century Pace in Quality and Price

Tuesday, December 31, 2013
PHUKET: The surprising thing about 2013 is that we found time to eat. There is so much to do and so little time to do it. Isn't there some kind of alternative?

Well, if only we had time to wait. Meanwhile, we will relax and unwind and enjoy the slower pace of life at Kopitiam by Wilai, in Old Phuket Town.

It's the Phuketwan Best of Phuket Top Value Restaurant of the Year 2013.

Rush on if you must to the beach club. We have discovered that at heart we are seriously old fashioned, particularly when it comes to prices. Good eating is certainly possible all over Phuket these days.

But good eating at 1960s prices? OK, maybe we exaggerate just a little. Perhaps the prices are like the decor, a little last century . . . but we're happy to go along with that.

So many restaurants and even places that don't deserve the name are charging more with each passing day that it's a pleasure to find an exception like Kopitiam by Wilai, where time stands still. And fortunately, so do the prices.

There was one good value restaurant on Phuket that we enjoyed this year until a bottle of Singha beer suddenly increased overnight from 60 baht to 90 baht. We won't be going back.

At Kopitiam by Wilai, the prices remain as traditional as the menu. It's a gem, and we hope it stays that way.


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Hello Ed,

So where is the restaurants location. Is it that one in Thalang Road ?

And which restaurant increase the Singha from 60 to 90 Baht

Posted by MJ on January 4, 2014 19:07


A poor artical missing the most obvious and essential information. Were is Kopitiam located?

Posted by Tom on May 14, 2014 10:41

Editor Comment:

This was just the announcement of the winner. Take the trouble to do a search and you'll find the full restaurant review, with all the details.


Oh dear Ed.
A poor and lazy slap to your reader's face. A simple answer would have sufficed

Posted by Damien Takac on May 16, 2014 14:56

Editor Comment:

No slap there, Damien. But perhaps you lack a sense of humor. Misinterpretation is a common problem with readers who don't understand the word ''fun.'' Best to take it as it was intended, not invent dark motives that don't exist.


Damien. Learn the rules. Ed is never wrong, it is in fact the reader's lack of initiative that is to blame.

Posted by phonus on May 16, 2014 15:26

Editor Comment:

That's balonus, phonus.

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