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New Thailand PM, Cabinet in Place Within Three Months, Says Coup Commander

Friday, June 6, 2014
Phuketwan 'Brave Enough to Change' Campaign

PHUKET: Thailand should have a new effective government in place within three months, coup commander General Prayuth Chan-ocha told a delegation of Chinese businesspeople in Bangkok today.

General Prayuth asked the delegation today to report back to the government of China that Thailand was heading down the right path, rethinking trade options to exclude the portion that has always been included for corruption.

He said the main aim was to obliterate corruption from trade and all dealings within Thailand. It's the first time the general, who has previously met with Bangkok's ambassadors, has met with a business group from overseas.

He has set a three-phase program for the return of democracy to Thailand but it's the first time he has specified a timetable for putting a Prime Minister and Cabinet in place.

Since the May 22 coup, Thailand has faced criticism from the US, Australia and some European governments over what's said to be a retreat from democracy.

But the general reiterated today that the coup was necessary to give Thailand a workable, corruption-free form of democracy.

''We did not undertake the coup to destroy democracy but to repair and reform a flawed system to make democracy in Thailand stronger,'' he said.

The Army's actions, portrayed as repressive by some international media outlets, have mostly been aimed at issuing warnings to potential troublemakers across politics, business and academia.

''The National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) will not seek any benefits for ourselves as we right the wrongs,'' he said. He asked for the understanding and cooperation of Chinese investors in the three-stage plan to restore democracy.

The Army takeover has enabled police and authorities on Phuket to crack down on corrupt taxi, tuk-tuk drivers and local officials this week.

Phuketwan has urged the general to make Phuket corruption-free and to use the international holiday island as a role model for the rest of Thailand.

The general speaks on national television tonight at 8.30pm, a week on from his first full assessment of the situation last Friday.


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It has been reported that the Junta is embarking on a PR mission around the region to defend their action.

Not that I support a coup but what they are now doing in Phuket is by far the best PR they could have.

If they want to gain positive sentiments from the international community, what better way than to clean up crime and corruption in the most international location in Thailand.

Actions speak louder than words.

Posted by ThaiMike on June 6, 2014 16:47


I have to agree TM. If the last weeks efforts are an example of what is to come, why bother with PR.
Restore peoples rights, forget the propaganda, set a path to restore democracy and protestors will just fade away. Let them have their 3 finger symbol and eventually this will not represent the protest, it will represent success of the actions taken.

Posted by Manowar on June 6, 2014 19:07


The military dictators want to switch over to a civilian dictator or what else is the plan?
To end corruption is a nice dream but nothing else. Corruption exists in all countries not only in Thailand. It's impossible to end it completly. And who is to end corruption of the middle and upper class?? You don't hear about this, only fighting cab- and tuk-tuk drivers is not enough. Who is to finish up with the many Sutheps you find in Thailand?

Posted by Volker on June 6, 2014 19:17

Editor Comment:

You're a Doomsayer, Volker. All the changes so far under the coup command have been positive. Give up defending the corrupt past and enjoy the democratic freedom that the hopeful future offers you. Thailand now has a chance.


The change from democracy to military dictatorship is positive? Do you sometimes read international press or do you sometimes watch CNN, BBC or other well know western media? Oh, I forgot the military dictators shut those channels off! No more freedom of expression! Very positive indeed!

Posted by Volker on June 6, 2014 21:30

Editor Comment:

Your idea of democracy is strange, Volket - a family business aimed at milking the system for a handful, and their cronies. The western media mostly understands Thailand and the Thai people as well as you do. Total ignorance appears to be bliss for you.


-Volker- at least on True Move Satellite pay tv, International NEWS BBC CNN ect are since some days back. ;-) I am in Udon Thani and I lkie the army and their as I feel it, friendly presence on the right spots!

Posted by Alfred on June 6, 2014 23:10



You don't even believe in what you are writing.
Keep your pseudo democratic speeches for you Bierbar friends

Posted by william on June 7, 2014 01:50


Things are changing! I now agree with Man O' war !!

Posted by The Night Mare on June 7, 2014 10:55

Editor Comment:

What is the phrase that best describes a Doomsayer who sees the light, TNM? A Sunshine Believer?


So Thaksin invented corruption in Thailand ? And when he is gone it will not exist anymore wake up they are all corrupt!

Posted by Mark on June 7, 2014 12:37

Editor Comment:

Where have you been hiding, Mark? Change is inevitable. Only Doomsayers and No Hopers believe it will never come. Try to enjoy it. ''They'' are not all corrupt, except in your lame imagination.


Maybe you don't believe in Democracy or do you think the changes by the military will improve Democracy in Thailand? If you do there is no hope for you!

Posted by Mark on June 7, 2014 13:06

Editor Comment:

I think, Mark, you are confusing democracy with ''the family business.'' Real democracies take action against nepotism, cronyism and obvious corruption. The values that underpin democracy are what makes the one person, one vote system work. Allow a greedy billionaire who knows all about buying votes and populist perversions to run a country from overseas, and no sensible person would say that's a ''democracy.'' Google ''Marcos.''


Maybe you should google democracy your best one today enjoy the democratic freedom from a military dictatorship ! You could not make it up but you can on Phuketwan!

Posted by Mark on June 7, 2014 13:35

Editor Comment:

You're out of touch with Thailand and how real democracy is supposed to work. A Shinawatra ''family business'' fan, are you? If you think there is a single definition for democracy, it just goes to show your narrow thinking. I suggest you read more widely and exclude the simplistic approach taken by the greedy and the ill-informed.


Narrow minded? You should look at the replies you make to posters that don't agree with you position all you come up with are slogans no facts you fit well with the people in charge of Thailand now!

Posted by Mark on June 7, 2014 13:51

Editor Comment:

You should look at what your version of ''democracy'' did for Thailand - it crippled the country with corruption and conflict and was on the verge of triggering a bloody civil war. Pretend democracies do that, Mark. Try to stick with logic.


You mean the democracy that is used around the globe by millions of people you could argue Thailand has never had a functioning Democracy due to a small desperate elite that plan to hold on to power at any cost just to serve their selfish interests the game is not straight you know it and I know it but your in denial!

Posted by Mark on June 7, 2014 14:33

Editor Comment:

Thailand's failed democracy needs a makeover with Thaksin, his family and Suthep removed. Most of the people in the south and in Bangkok are far from being members of an elite. But they can spot corruption and a democracy being abused to benefit a few. if you support a democracy that only works for dictators and their family and friends, you have a problem.


How strange then that you support a dictatorship that promises Democracy you must live in the twilight zone if you believe that I think you may have the bigger problems good luck sir!

Posted by Mark on June 7, 2014 16:39

Editor Comment:

Problems? Thailand has never had a better chance for change, and a future free of corruption. Those who long for the corrupt past have problems.

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