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The Russian takes a little time out at Phuket International Airport today

Drunk and Peed Off, Phuket Tourist Heading Home to Moscow

Saturday, June 7, 2014
PHUKET: Security staff at Phuket International Airport are still trying to figure out how a Russian tourist managed to stay drunk around the clock and hope he is safely on his way home tomorrow. The 35-year-old man caused disruption at the airport from 10am on Friday when he first came to the attention of authorities. Urinating in a resort's office is sure to create interest. After a trip to Bangkok Hospital Phuket to patch a cut, the man was booked on a new flight to Moscow at 7.25am on Sunday.


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Airport staff are wondering how this tourist managed to 'stay drunk around the clock'? They only have to walk a few metres outside into the car park to seek the counsel of several taxi drivers there.

Posted by Sam Wilko on June 7, 2014 19:32


Last night I heard a from my 4th floor condo I heard loud crash. Looking below where 2 Russians I male 1 female laid out on he pavement. There crumpled motorbike lay beside them. They had just ploughed into the wall. I was just about to go down a see how they where when the both sat up against the wall, the man pulling a bottle from his backpack and they both sat there and drank. Whatever injuries they had must have been minor. 5 min later they both got up, picked up the motobike and parked it and went into the Bldg.I am not longer amazed at anything this nationality does.

Posted by capealava on June 8, 2014 11:46


At least he is on his way home, another quality visitor to Phuket...

Posted by Robert on June 8, 2014 15:26


I don't understand for what reason this "news" were published at all. I wonder if I provide stories like these with photos and videos about representatives of other nationalities that I come across here quite often, would it be published as well???

Posted by Stranger on June 8, 2014 22:21

Editor Comment:

Of course. If the authorities at the airport or anywhere else think a person's actions are newsworthy, we will consider publication. Staying drunk at the airport for two days merits attention.

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