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Rohingya 'Beat Eight Burmese to Death' Inside Indonesian Camp

Friday, April 5, 2013
PHUKET: Eight Burmese have been beaten to death in a battle with outcast Rohingya Muslims overnight at an Indonesian detention centre.

It is believed the dispute followed an argument between a Rohingya and a Burmese about the violent repression of Muslims in Burma.

Improvised weapons were created from smashed-up beds and brooms as the Rohingya, outnumbering the Burmese, killed eight of the small number of Burmese fishermen in the camp at Medan, in Sumatra.

Immigration centre official Rida Agustian told Australian Associated Press that the entrance to the block where the detainees were being held was sealed off to stop officers from intervening.

The deadly attack was launched in the early hours of Friday.

Agustian said 15 people, believed to Rohingya, were injured during the violence at the centre, where 106 of the boatpeople are being held.

Kyawkyaw, 25, who gave only one name and is one of a handful of Burmese Buddhists being held at the centre, said he heard the attack unfolding and was '''very scared.'''

Hundreds of Rohingya in Burma's Rakhine state and Muslims in other parts of Burma have been killed in race-hate violence since June, with thousands of other Rohingya taking to the sea to escape.

Many Rohingya Muslims arriving by boat in Indonesia face long stints in detention awaiting UN assessment for refugee status.

Burma, also known as Myanmar, views its population of roughly 800,000 Rohingya as illegal Bangladeshi immigrants and denies them citizenship.


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No excuses for murder - even if you feels it's retribution for murder, rape, torture, imprisonment or other persecution to you or your family - I can see why tensions would be at boiling point though. Why would the Indonesian authorities hold them together? Were they trying to provoke violence ? Complete madness.

Condolences to the deceased and all affected.

Posted by James on April 5, 2013 18:38

Editor Comment:

Perhaps Rohingya are listed as 'Burmese' in Indonesia, just the way they sometimes are for convenience on Phuket and in Thailand.


This news will feed the fires in Burma big time.

Posted by Lena on April 5, 2013 19:00


I am really shocked of this death news at detention center of Indonesia. I am asking detail investigation of accident and book the wrongdoers for trail . My heartfelt condolences to the deceased family members.
I never ever heard this kind of accident during my three and half decades of political exiled life .I used to stay couples of times at Buddhist temple or families during my times in revolutionary areas and exiled life.We have very good peaceful mutual understanding and respect each other. The 2012-13 genocide breeds untold disunity and suspect among the Muslim and other community.We should have to clarify enymy and friend . Those who mastermind and involve genocide against the peaceful Rohingyas and Muslim of Burma are enemies. The general Burmese and Rakhines are not the enemy of Rohingyas and Muslim. In Islam ,you can't hurt any innocent people.It's a big crime. It's my ardent request to every Burmese to love and respect each other in oversea. I personally condemned every killing and injustice.

Posted by Maung Kyaw Nu,President,Burmese Rohingya Association in Thailand ,BRAT on April 5, 2013 21:13

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