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Nothing to pay for tourists who crash Patong  jet-skis now

Phuket Tourists Must Pay No Extra Cash in Jet-Ski Crashes: Official

Tuesday, September 18, 2012
PHUKET: Tourists involved in jet-ski crashes at Phuket's Patong beach no longer have to pay any extra money whatsoever, Phuket honorary consuls were told yesterday.

The assurance came from Phuripat Theerakulpisut, Chief of Phuket's Marine Office 5, in response to questions from Australian honorary consul Larry Cunningham and British honorary consul Martin Carpenter.

Before yesterday's meeting, Phuketwan contacted Patong police volunteers who confirmed that an average of two disputes occur at Patong each week as tourists and jet-ski operators dispute claims for extra cash for damages.

At the resumed regular meeting between Phuket honorary consuls and island officials, Mr Cunningham asked: Can Khun Phuripat confirm that all the jet-skis now have insurance?

Khun Phuripat: Yes I confirm that the the jet-skis now number 286, with 251 registered. Everyone has insurance.

Mr Cunningham: So if everyone has insurance, the maximum amount payable by anyone who hires a jet-ski and has a problem with a jet-ski is 16,000 baht? Can you confirm that any claim for jet-ski damage on a tourist, the maximum amount the tourist will have to pay is 16,000 baht?

There was some confusion. Khun Phuripat may have thought Mr Cunningham was talking about the maximum amount available for an insurance payout, which is 50,000 baht for an injury.

Mr Cunningham: How much will a tourist have to pay if they damage a jet-ski?

Khun Phuripat: After we solved this problem, now always before they rent a jet-ski they have to make a contract first. If a jet-ski has any damage, the tourist has nothing to pay.

Mr Cunningham said he, the Norwegian and Danish honorary consuls had seen a contract that specified tourists should pay 1000 baht for processing, then 3000 baht a day for each of the five days a damaged jet-ski might be out of action.

Mr Cunningham: So the tourist has to pay nothing?

Khun Phuripat: Correct, Sir.

Mr Carpenter: I'd like to thank the Chief of the Marine Department for his confirmation. If it's possible could the Governor organise to have that last comment gazetted into the Thai newspapers and the foreign newspapers, that under no circumstances should a foreigner have to pay for any damage to a jet-ski in the future on Phuket?

Khun Phuripat: I will send your suggestion to the Thai newspapers and the foreign newspapers on Phuket.

Mr Carpenter: If you do that, I am sure many of the newspapers would have that as front page headlines and it would travel the whole world.

A recent report from Pattaya suggests a different approach is being taken there to jet-ski disputes.

After lengthy talks recently, a committee looking at the issue released a summary of proposed new rules for jet-ski operators:

1. The need to set up a central service point for rentals at Pattaya beach, Jomtien beach and Koh Lan, for the convenience and safety of customers.

2. Set a standard service price for jet-ski rentals, including the insurance price for accidents in the pricing of tickets.

3. The service time for rentals will not go past 6pm daily.

4. Provide notice to operators of the exact punishment for violations, ranging from a soft punishment of arrests and fines, to terminating the business.

In cases of severe violations, such as beating tourists or extorting money, the harshest punishment of terminating the business will be immediately enforced.

After the Chonburi provincial governor gives his signature to the proposed rules, all of the jet-ski operators in Pattaya will be notified, and required to acknowledge and adopt the new rules immediately.


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I totally hope this is true, but am afraid that there very shortly will be a dispute that proves Mr Phuripat wrong.

Posted by stevenl on September 18, 2012 14:50


If this is true, it's a step ahead.
But still don't get the 16k thing... is this to pay or not ??

Posted by Resident on September 18, 2012 14:58


It justed open the door for every jet ski owner to charge every jet ski user 16,000 baht, they must be laughing today.....

Posted by terry on September 18, 2012 16:38


Well, bravo for the honorary consuls, it's good somebody cares. I don't understand about the 16k baht, if that is the maximum the victim pays, or what the insurance pays. If it's the victim, then no progress has been made.

Posted by fw on September 19, 2012 06:06

Editor Comment:

In most disputed cases, tourists eventually have to pay at least 16,000 baht to cover repair time out of the water.


Editor, I think you're missing the point, the jet ski is never out of the water for repair, it's the same damage that they scam the rider for, this just meens that any jet ski owner can charge who ever they want 16,000 Baht and there is absolutely no comeback ! Larry and Martin, you need to ask more questions....

Posted by terry on September 19, 2012 09:52

Editor Comment:

Perhaps you need to go back and re-read Phuketwan's coverage of jet-ski scams and genuine crashes. It's true that not all disputes leave the beach. Jet-ski operators usually only involve police if the tourists insist. And the honorary consuls are only called in by more knowledgeable tourists. The point is that in cases that reach the ears of the consuls, the 16,000 baht is a regular demand, usually in cases where there is genuine damage. So the time spent out of the water in repair becomes relevant. As they've realised in Pattaya, more stringent measures are needed to obliterate scams on the beach. Our suggestion is to put Royal Thai Navy officers on Patong beach, under the command of a new Phuket Beach Authority that will have responsibility for the environmental protection and management of all Phuket beaches. Ensuring the safety and security of all beach visitors would also be part of their job. Larry, Martin and Khun Phuripat all need to spend more time at Patong beach.


"...If it's possible could the Governor organise to have that last comment gazetted into the Thai newspapers and the foreign newspapers." Mr Carpenter, you forgot to mention a cc to the Provincial Police also.

Posted by cekipa on September 19, 2012 10:05


the idea, replace all with paddle boards like in Ko Lanta, no accidents, no noise, no scams, no dispute etc etc

Posted by serge on September 19, 2012 20:53


The problem with the Jet Ski operators is that they do not realise how much business they have lost because of the scams. If they stopped the scams, they will make a lot more money than what they currently are earning. Myself and lots of tourists will never hire a jet ski because of the high risk of getting scammed. It is just not worth the hassle.

Posted by Doug on September 20, 2012 10:14

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