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One of the ransacked shophouses after yesterday's raid

Phuket Raiders Flee With Booze in Stolen Pickup

Wednesday, August 28, 2013
PHUKET: Police on Phuket are on the lookout for a white pickup after it was stolen yesterday by raiders who escaped with a load of booze.

Sangan Tepnarong, 33, turned up at work yesterday morning to find her Bannporn Whisky Shop in Thepkasattri Road, Srisoonthorn, had been ransacked, along with two other shops in the block.

Gone were 12 cases of beer, two cartons of cigarettes and a load of whisky. Gone too was her white pickup.


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We may understand the raiders who escaped with a load of booze.
According to NewsPapers, the excise tax ceiling for both fermented beverages such as beers and wines, and distilled beverages such as whisky and brandy, will increases to 2,000 baht per litre of 100% alcohol content. Under the current tax code, the Excise Department collects taxes on fermented beverages at a maximum rate of 100 baht per litre of 100% alcohol content or 60% of the product value, whichever is higher. It collects taxes on distilled beverages with a ceiling of 400 baht per litre of 100% alcohol content or 50% of the value, whichever is higher.

Posted by Whistle-Blower on August 28, 2013 10:37


you forgot red wine!
over 400% tax

only topped by imported cars which is up to 600% tax

Posted by sven on August 28, 2013 15:03


In australia we can go into our supermarket an buy a home brew kit. It works out to be about 10 baht per longneck.....Can we do this in thailand?

Posted by Home brew on August 28, 2013 17:12


- sven

600% on imported cars ?

Who told you that ?

Cars in Thailand used to be taxed according to engine size and output, limit being 2.4L or 3L and under 220 Bhp. That's why we have the unusual engine sizes like a BMW 525i with a 2.4L engine and that's why cars with engines larger than 3.0L are very rare and expensive here.

Only country to come even close to your ridiculous claim of 600% tax on imported cars is Bangladesh.

Even if you add the COE to purchase prices in Singapore they get nowhere near 600%.

Posted by ThaiMike on August 28, 2013 17:49

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