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A Korean  lost his leg in a horrific speedboat crash off Pattaya in April

Pattaya Speedboat Crash Kills Two, Injures Eight Chinese Tourists

Wednesday, August 28, 2013
PHUKET: Two Chinese tourists have been killed and eight injured in a speedboat crash off Pattaya today that may pose a threat to tourism in Thailand.

The two dead were badly cut by a propeller, Phuketwan has learned. The speedboat crashed when it caught on an anchor rope and flipped over about 200 metres offshore.

There were 29 people on board the speedboat, named Choksuwanni 17. It was returning from an outing to Lan island, seven kilometres off Pattaya.

The boat's ''captain,'' Kengkai Boonsri, 23, is among the injured. It is believed the boat was travelling at speed when it hit the anchor rope.

China's Bangkok Embassy is handling an investigation of the tragic crash, which came at south Pattaya about 1.30pm.

The dead have been named as two men, Dong Feiyue, 30 Mr.Zhang Tao, 29.

Injured are Miss Geng Yanzhi, 33, Miss Xiao Manying, 47, Xiao Xiongping, 62, Qign Xiaolin, 32, Xiao Shungen, 49, Liang Kaiyao,49, and Gu Yu Zhang, 33.

China's Ambassador Guan Mu warned Phuket officials at a public gathering in May that better safety standards have to be applied to protect Chinese tourists. It is believed he carried the same message to authorities in Pattaya.

A total of 2.8 million Chinese tourists visited Thailand last year and one million are expected to visit Phuket alone this year.

Ambassadors from other nations have expressed concern about the manner in which people with little experience or training are allowed to control speedboats on Phuket and in Thailand.

Previous speedboat crashes in Pattaya have killed and maimed tourists.

On Phuket, a Chinese tourist was killed last year and three others were injured when a careless ''captain'' slung a trailing banana boat into the side of an anchored speedboat.

The driver was fined and briefly suspended.


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This is very sad news and like you say could well pose a threat to Thailand's Tourism and safety standards.
Is that a misprint the boats "captain" was a 23 year old? Surely far too young an age to have the responsibility and experience for such a trips?

Posted by Richard on August 28, 2013 18:42


Tragic and very sad but a sign of what needs to change in Phuket. Safety must become a priority.

Posted by Arthur on August 28, 2013 19:15


Tourism is a one trillion THB business, maybe time to reinvest some of it in education and making resources available for enforcing existing laws and regulations.

Posted by Sailor on August 28, 2013 19:38


What goes thru these boat captains mind
speeding just off shore where boats are tied up with paying passengers on board
I doubt this captain should be put in charge of a skateboard shocking horrible tragic and avoidable.

Posted by slickmelb on August 28, 2013 20:45


Watch the speedboats arrive in Chalong bay and you can see they come in at very high speed until only maybe 100m before shoreline.

The bay is littered with ropes of all kinds and has a no-wake rule that none of the boats adhere to.

I really have to wonder what Marine Office 5 really does because it sure does not seem to police or enforce any laws and regulations.

Posted by ThaiMike on August 28, 2013 21:12


It has been stated before & will be many times again, these speed boats need to be properly regulated including certified & responsible captains. Allowing foolish kids to run these high powered vessels has to be stopped.

Whilst diving on a live-aboard trip to the Similans in April this year, I saw speedboats arriving & departing at one of the islands in a manner I could only describe as unbelievable. They race in at high speeds with a big emphasis on show, roaring their engines in shallow water, throwing up sand & whatever coral remains. Not only did it show a complete disregard for the safety of the passengers on board & the environment, but also for those already snorkeling off the beach from earlier arrivals.

Posted by Logic on August 28, 2013 21:54


Well...the Chinese embassador is going to love hearing this news

Posted by zig on August 29, 2013 07:14


It doesn't concern the Phuket Marine Office 5, the "chief" Pureepat already told that those incidents are "natural"

Posted by jean-paul patrick on August 29, 2013 10:55

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