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The crashed motorcycle at the scene of the double fatality last night

Phuket Police Rescue Man From Crash Where Two Died

Saturday, April 14, 2012
PHUKET: Police rescued a man who was beated by Phuket villagers after his pick-up crashed into a motorcycle last night, killing a man and a woman.

After the pick-up driver was rescued, villagers blocked the main road east from the Heroines Monument for several hours, angry at the deaths.

Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation officials combined with Kusoldharm Foundation workers to protect the man from villagers until police arrived.

The fatal crash, which took Phuket's toll so far in the ''Seven Days of Danger'' campaign to three dead, came about 7.35pm near Baan Yamu in the Paklok district.

Police believe the man, a Muslim who lives in Samkong in Phuket City, was on his way to visit relatives for Songkran New Year.

He failed to see the couple on a poorly-lit section of road and crashed into their motorcycle and sidecar, which police believe did not have a backlight.

The dead have been named as Pairoj Wisetsombut, 55, and Lamyong Dubayak, 45. They are believed to be relatives. One died at the scene, the other is believed to have died soon after in Thalang Hospital.

The couple had been returning home from selling sweet sugar cane at a local market, police said.

The driver of the Toyota pick-up sat for a time in the vehicle ''talking to his mother and father, and asking Allah why he had been fated to kill two people,'' an officer said.

The man was beaten at least once as a crowd of villagers gathered, then given sanctuary in a Kusoldharm Foundation vehicle.

The man had not been drinking but the road was poorly lit in the spot where the crash took place, police said. The pick-up driver was taken to Thalang Police Station.

DDPM officials said today that there had been 23 crashes on Phuket so far in the Songkran holiday road safety campaign, which began on April 11. One man had died in a motorcycle crash in Phuket City.

Eleven people had been admitted to hospitals in Phuket City, four in Kathu and six in Thalang.

Crashes so far had involved 22 motorcycles and one pick-up, the officials said.

Drinking was given as the cause of 33 percent of the crashes, with driving too fast (9.09 percent) bad overtaking (15.15 percent) and poor lighting (12.12 percent) among other causes.


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Ive seen this kind of local justice dealt out before. Its no wonder drivers flee the scene. This guy did the right thing after the accident and got dealt with heavily. I think if it happened again he would think twice about doing the right thing. Very sad.

Posted by carvets on April 14, 2012 10:49


Poorly lit road and no back lights at the sidecar...very bad combination!

Posted by Anonymous on April 14, 2012 12:15


........"crashed into their motorcycle and sidecar, which police believe did not have a backlight."

We all know how easy this can happen and you don't have to be speeding.

They whinge, complain, demonstrate, assault and protest over inadequate street lighting and possible bad driving, yet their friends give no thought to, nor will spend 10 baht for a taillight bulb which could have possibly saved 2 unnecessary deaths.

Posted by innocent bystander on April 14, 2012 15:03


@innocent bystander
There are two options, for two missing back lights.
Almost no sidecar on Phuket has a own back (or front) light. Some have, but still only the bike has indicator lights.
Yes, ,it's totally easy, to crash into a sidecar. But to turn a car on the side, by hitting a 300kg 'Trike', need a bit more speed, a totally surprised driver, plus bad reactions!

Posted by C. on April 14, 2012 16:04


I silently curse all motorbike drivers who drive without backlight. From the interior of a car, it is really difficult to spot, until you are almost on top of them. They probably never drive a car, and do not know that the view is so much different, then when driving a motorcycle. I have met so many ignorant motorbike drivers here...
And getting beaten because you hit a motorbike without backlight is just ridiculous. As if he does not feel guilty enough..

Posted by Tinkerbell on April 14, 2012 16:59


'And getting beaten because you hit a motorbike without backlight is just ridiculous. As if he does not feel guilty enough..'
Gang mentality - mind, where you are!
Back light is one thing, dangerous enough! The 'no front light' or 'have my handbag/shopping/notebook in the basket, to cover my front light 100%, that's is almost the bigger problem. Even driving your vehicle slowly, you can see this motorcycles first, when they pass you! A motorcycle from the back, if you drive normal speed, has a reflector, that gives you a hint! Ok, no clue for the sidecar, mostly!
Got an idea: Can't get rid of them, so fine them, if they not have a working front/backlight at the sidecar, in Mai. With working indicators, one on the motorcycles, the other one disconnected, another one on the sidecar.
Rocket science? nope, only need to be forced by authorities!

Posted by Martin on April 14, 2012 21:07


Since there seem to be no witnesses other than the driver of the truck, we don't really know what happened and who is to blame.

Some car drivers are reckless, no bones about that but a significant number of motorbike drivers seem to assume that every car driver has the obligation to anticipate whatever moves they happen to make in traffic.

Dashing off a side street without as much as looking, driving on the wrong side of the road, crossing a busy main road, having no tail or headlights in the dark. Not bothering to even slow down at a red light. We all see this, every day.

None of this justifies anything but the fact that the truck lays on it's side would suggest he tried exteme maneuvers to avoid collision.

A truck weighs 20x more than a bike. Impact alone, regardless of speed, is not enough to cause it to overturn. Dramatic steering action is necessary.

It is not uncommon to see people blame everyone and everything else except themselves.

The motorbike drivers were locals. Surely they knew the road is poorly lit. Perhaps they should have thought of having proper lighting on their bike or perhaps the truck driver was being careless and speeding. We'll probably never know but mob beatings solve nothing. We don't live in the middle ages anymore.

At least I don't.

Posted by Steve C. on April 14, 2012 22:07


Martin, next time could you possibly write in English?

Posted by Sam W on April 15, 2012 08:09


"police believe did not have a backlight."

Every time i drive at night, 75% of all motor cykels dont have back light..

Why dont phuket make a light campaign???

At every police check point at light campain week, there should be a mechanick, who will put lights for you, charge everybody the same like 100 bath fine, the the fine include the light fix...

Posted by BG on April 15, 2012 16:26


@ BG

I think that is a brilliant idea. Best I've heard in a long time.

Hope it can be forwarded to the proper authorities.

Posted by Steve C. on April 15, 2012 17:43


Maybe in the bigger picture of things, why don't the bike manufactures provide lights that don't give out so easily. I don't see many car lights out and I don't ever recall a bulb failing on my cars thru the years.. yes it is dangerous for one and all all these bikes without lights...

Posted by Anonymous on April 15, 2012 23:32


How much does a back light cost ? There are too many bikes on the roads with no lights.....Maybe the driver is not to blame but the riders who ride around with no lights. Too many times have we all seen this at night too many near accidents.....Police should stop any bikes/cars with broken lights.

Posted by sean on April 16, 2012 10:19

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