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Phuket Murder Case Mirrored as New Zealand Family Seeks Swede's Extradition

Monday, June 24, 2013
PHUKET: The first-in-101-years extradition of Briton Lee Aldhouse to face a trial for murder on Phuket has set a precedent that New Zealanders hope the Swedish government will soon follow.

Thai police are likely to begin extradition proceedings soon to bring Swede Andreas Ringvall to Pattaya and a trial for the murder of New Zealander Robert Hollick, 43.

Hollick was stabbed to death with a knife to the neck in a bar brawl over a dog in Pattaya in August.

The difference between the Ringvall case and the Aldhouse case is that Aldhouse fled Thailand after the killing of American Dashawn Longfellow.

Ringvall, on the other hand, was permitted to leave Thailand while on bail - even after Thai Immigration was told not to let him flee the country.

Police Colonel Superintendent Sinard Ajhanwong, head of Thai Interpol, has told Fairfax Media in New Zealand that his office will seek to have Ringvall extradited.

Sweden typically refused to extradite its citizens but if that proved to be so, Thai police would expect Swedish authorities to press murder charges against Ringvall, he said.

A precedent was set last year when Aldhouse was extradited to Britain, the first time a Briton had been sent to Thailand in 101 years of the extradition treaty between the two countries.

His trial for murder is due to resume on Phuket in August.

It is understood the Royal Thai Police are investigating why Ringvall was allowed to leave Thailand, and given the circumstances that is expected to include whether any bribe was paid to officials.

Hollick's mother, Anne Hollick, told Fairax Media that she was thrilled to hear Thai authorities would take action.

Colonel Sinard, who played a part in the Aldhouse extradition, was also cited in another recent controversial case.

A German man murdered a Thai woman in Chiang Mai in 2009 then absconded to Germany, where he was later put on trial for murder and found guilty after authorities refused Thailand's request to extradite him.

''He's in jail now in Germany,'' Colonel Sinard is quoted as saying.

Mrs Hollick says her son was a free spirit who had partially retired to Thailand six months earlier to chase the good life: ''All he wanted was his roll-ups and a pint and he could be happy anywhere.''

Why Ringvall was allowed to leave the country remains unknown.


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Why Ringvall was allowed to leave the country remains unknown.

really? unknow? or you don`t want to write about that? i guess he paid a lot of money. but i know this should not be written in your well connected newspaper...right?

Posted by mike on June 25, 2013 05:54

Editor Comment:

No idea what you're talking about, mike - just like you. We're a Phuket news outlet. This case took place in Pattaya. You should be asking Pattaya news outlets your childish questions. Phuketwan, by the way, is not, never has been and never will be a newspaper.

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