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Phuket Leap of Faith as Running Man Jumps Off Balcony

Monday, June 24, 2013

The name on the provisional driving licence from the Australian state of New South Wales is Joshua John Smits.

Original Report

PHUKET: A maid's job in Patong produces occasional surprises but not usually like the one today when a half-naked man ran into a room and jumped off the balcony.

Patong police are trying to identify the man, who leapt from the third floor of a new no-name hotel in Soi Bowling about 2pm.

The maid is still recovering from the shock.

The man attracted attention as he ran down Sai Nam Yen Road, turned up Soi Bowling, ran up the stairs to the third floor and leapt from the balcony.

The 24-year-old man, later found to be in possession of an Australian provisional driver's licence, suffered serious head injuries and is being treated at Patong Hospital.


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"A maid's job in Patong produces occasional surprises but not usually like the one today when a half-naked man ran into a room and jumped off the balcony" - Sert it is not good to make a joke out of someone who clearly has serious issues. Pathetic actually.

Posted by Donating Farang on June 24, 2013 16:49

Editor Comment:

There is not the slightest bit of humor in the introductory paragraph, DF. You have jumped to conclusions, as usual. If you don't want to read our articles, you have plenty of choices. We are not interested in your opinions. You have a track record for reading things into articles that aren't there. Add value or move on.


but whats the point in pointing out -twice- that the license is provisional?

license provides his name only, case closed,
so what are you trying to say?
nothing? well, pointing it out TWICE?

Posted by steffi on June 24, 2013 19:31

Editor Comment:

The point about driving licences is that they can usually be taken out by people who aren't citizens. So someone who holds a provisional Australian driving licence isn't necessarily an Australian national. That conclusion can only be drawn with production of a passport.


Why would a half naked man run into a room and leap off the balcony? If someone is doing this, they are usually being chased. A bit short on details here. What were the factors that lead to him jumping off, they left that part out.

Some of these stories that come out of Phuket are just too far fetched to be believed and this is certainly one of them.

Is doesn't help when you guys report what the police state and don't actually get to the bottom of what really happened.

Posted by Glassy on June 24, 2013 19:37

Editor Comment:

Sorry Glassy, but we'd back our reporters' accounts against anything passing through your head. There are any number of reasons for this to happen. When the man concerned comes around, perhaps you should join the queue of people looking to find out why. But it doesn't necessarily follow that you jump off a balcony because you are being chased. By the way, which police report have we relied upon in this case? Are you sure you read what we write? We certainly don't have the staff to follow up on every case. Your large lifetime subscription would help.


Police are still trying to identify the man? Then 2 paragraphs down they say he has a p plate licence from OZ & hes 24. You're confused ed...... As you are a disinformation front for the police obviously..... Wonder if he was pushed? In oz. if you have a provisional license this means you are under 20 years of age. Quite possibly a teenager.......

Posted by Tourist on June 24, 2013 23:48

Editor Comment:

To conclude that a person in possession of a driver's licence is actually that person would be mistaken logic, Tourist. We are considering provisional licences for commenters who don't quite know how to drive a brain.


RIP joshy! Way too young.

Hope the rest of the boys are coping as best they can and are on their way back home.

Posted by Anonymous on June 25, 2013 08:40


can't believe this is how it happened, what a loss, such a beautiful kind hearted man, rip joshy everyone in the Illawarra is devastated

Posted by Anonymous on June 25, 2013 14:11


RIP mate, everyone back home is devastated to lose an awesome person like you x

Posted by Anonymous on June 26, 2013 06:53


So sorry to hear about josh's death the people in berkeley will be mourning. My heart goes out to the family. Karen Wilkie

Posted by wilkie on June 26, 2013 11:27


RIP joshy going to be sadly missed by everyone back home we were jus one big happy family still cant believe your gone it amaze me how eveyone has come together to get you home love you my brother xx

Posted by karah on June 27, 2013 06:22

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