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The unusual weapon used to settle a jet-ski dispute on Phuket today

Beach Red Flag Attack Hurts Israeli Tourists

Friday, September 27, 2013
PHUKET: A jet-ski operator attacked two tourists with a No Swimming sign stick today in one of the most unusual beach confrontations Phuket has seen.

Two Israeli men, a father aged 66 and his son, 43, suffered bruises in the attack. Unusually, the dust-up happened at a beach where jet-skis are not allowed.

But this is Phuket. Kata Noi is perhaps the most tranquil beach on the island's west coast, backed almost its entire length by the five-star Kata Thani Resort.

When the jet-ski operator took to the tourists with the No Swimming stick about 1pm today, a large crowd quickly gathered and the culprit was unable to make his escape.

Case officer Lieutenant Channarong Prakonkua told Phuketwan tonight that at the time the younger Israeli man hired the jet-ski from Kata beach, the next beach to the north, there did not appear to be any problems.

However, after the man paid his 1600 baht for half an hour, the jet-ski ''felt wierd'' so the tourist beached it at neighboring Kata Noi.

He then went back to Kata and accompanied the jet-ski operator, Danaichet Yomjinda, 25, back to Kata Noi.

It was here that the usual jet-ski ''who is going to pay for this'' debate flourished, and the argument went on for some time until the younger israeli gave the keys back to the jet-ski operator.

On any other beach, there would be other jet-ski operators who would quickly gather but Kata Noi does not see many jet-skis.

So, according to the lieutenant, emotions boiled over and the jet-ski operator allegedly took to the Israeli, and to his father when the older man tried to intervene, wielding the No Swimming stick.

Khun Danaichet was bailed late today on two charges of assault. It is believed the No Swimming sign is being held as evidence.

No update has been provided on the condition of the jet-ski.


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Bring on high season...... What about the BIG weekend blitz on violent crime then???

Posted by James bond on September 28, 2013 00:40


The Israelis will, return home soon. Can one place bets on what's going to happend? My guess is,tears or no tears from the jet ski operator, that the assault case against the Thai guy will be dropped entirely or that he gets a few hundred baht fine, if any...

Posted by Swede from Malmo on September 28, 2013 01:08


no no no - there's a new quick farang court service they can go to.

Posted by ajay on September 28, 2013 04:15


another one of Phukets fine ambassadors! He seems to have lost his regulation, paid for by the g'vnor, Tshirt!

Posted by paul on September 28, 2013 07:21


Anyone informed the israeli, that Kata Beach is a no go area for them, now?

Posted by dingdong on September 28, 2013 10:52


Good to see the fine Jet Ski touts are gearing up for high season !!

Posted by Ciaran on September 28, 2013 11:40


Looks like, this case is one for the tourist court.
How about this: In the future, by the time, 'problems' with rental vehicles occur, as soon as payments for damaging is wanted, all tourists insist on police and bringing in the court.
This way, the authorities get a nice overview, what happens under the nice surface. ;-)

Posted by dingdong on September 28, 2013 13:55


I thought the DSI were meant to be sorting out this type of behaviour. Lucky for them the younger Israeli did not fight back as they have mandatory military service in Israel for one of the most effective military in the world I think he would probably have easily hurt the younger thug. I was just thinking the other day that if a private user (foreigner) wanted to buy a jetski and use it on most the of the West Coast beaches they would probably encounter violence. So sad there is so much greed.

Posted by Fiesty Farang on September 28, 2013 15:09


@ Fiesty Farang, you are quite correct, both male and female Israeli's learn Krav Maga when doing National Service. They also learn when and where to use it. Using it on a forest gump type jet ski goon is just not fair on the goon. No contest. The Israeli's did the correct thing by trying to consult with the goon.

Posted by DuncanB on September 28, 2013 21:41


Out on bail after assault with intent to commit bodily injury? This is a ciminal offence in most civilized countries in the world. Thai murderers are also bailed, something unheard of in most other countries.

If a foreigner attacked a Thai, the situation would be treated much differently.

Posted by Dennis on September 28, 2013 23:59


I see that the lessons in good behavior are having their effect.

Posted by Charles on September 29, 2013 02:11

Editor Comment:

Glass half empty, Charles. Glass half full: it could have been a machete.


How can you possibly compare Forrest Gump, a much loved movie character, to a "jet ski goon"? Your analogy is a bit out of whack!

Posted by Sudo Nim on September 29, 2013 10:14


" could have been a machete."

At his 'home base' Kata beach, maybe. But it would have been a mob threat there. No machete needed. Also no red flag. And without any witnesses, he wouldn't even have tried the flag, methinks. There was again a lot of face involved.

Posted by dingdong on September 29, 2013 11:18

Editor Comment:

No guesswork please, dingdong. The response was not meant to be taken seriously and only in reply to Charles, who usually takes too gloomy a view.


Hope people can start to take some video off this people, a start from tomorrow and take my video camera whit me.

Posted by Bjorn Ronningen on September 29, 2013 16:38


If the Thai tough guy was given a p*** test at that time- certainly somethink illegal flowing around in his blood. I have no idea why anyone rents a jet ski in Thailand. It would be cool to see a total jet ski ban among all non-Thais. They would probably beat you up for not renting one.

Posted by Capealava on October 6, 2013 15:50

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