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Michael Pio Tzouvanni, 24, first victim identified from the Tiger Disco blaze

Phuket Disco Blaze Victim Identified, Say Phuket Police: Briton Named

Tuesday, August 21, 2012
PHUKET: The body of a British man, missing feared dead in a Phuket disco fire, has been identified, Phuket police sources said.

The revelation comes before a statement from pathologists in Bangkok, where the process of formally identifying four bodies badly burned in Friday morning's after-hours blaze at Phuket's Tiger Disco is continuing.

Phuketwan was told today that identification of British tourist Michael Pio Tzouvanni, 24, is now ''just a formality.'' It is believed conclusive identification came with comparison of dental records.

''The family could be able to pick up his remains any time now,'' the source said.

Mr Tzouvanni's brother Joseph, 26, flew to Phuket and hoped to find his brother, who made a last-minute telephone call from the flaming disco, alive.

It is understood that Joseph is flying back to Britain immediately. Michael, a building surveyor, came from a family of five brothers and a sister.

The Evening Standard reported that one of his London-based brothers, who did not want to be named, said: ''We are mourning his death, we are not assuming he is alive. We are 99 percent sure he is one of the bodies.

''His credit card stopped at 3am and his phone has not been used since. He was always in contact, we are a very close family. Obviously it was his time.

''He called his best friend from inside the club and said 'I am in the fire'.

''He said calmly 'there is no way out of here, I love you' and that was it.'

''The night before he called home and said 'I don't think I am going to make it out of this country. I don't know why, I want you to tell my family that I love them' It was like he knew.

''Myself and my older brother, we both had the same feeling, it was a very bad feeling. We are now hoping and praying he is one of the bodies, so we can bring him home.''

Phuket police sources said that the identification of two bodies believed to belong to Thai women is continuing.

The identification of a body believed to belong to a Frenchman visiting Phuket is likely to take several days more, the Phuket police source said.

''This is because the DNA in the French case has to come from family members who are still in France,'' the source said.

Forensic scientists at the Police General Hospital in Bangkok had hoped to conclude their work and announce the names of all bodies today.

Although distinctive rings and other jewellery have been recovered from the badly-burned remains, identification by DNA, dental records or fingerprints is considered essential to comply with international standards.

As the bodies are burned beyond recognition, in some cases DNA samples might be difficult to take.

UPDATE: Formal confirmation of Michael Tzouvanni's identification has followed quickly, with Police Lt. Gen. Jarumporn Suramanee saying in Bangkok that Tzouvanni died from smoke inhalation. He said Tzouvanni's brother confirmed the body's identity from his belongings, but the evidence of dental records was essential.


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Rest in peace michael from a fellow londoner, not a good way to go enjoying youreself in the LOS.....

Posted by Darren walker on August 21, 2012 23:18

Tuesday May 21, 2024
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