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Ton Sai Bay on Phi Phi: what killed a Frenchman man never be determined

Phi Phi Expat 'Blade Runner' Death Remains Unsolved

Tuesday, August 21, 2012
PHUKET: Police say their investigations into the death of an expat resident in the water off the holiday island of Phi Phi have drawn a blank.

Frenchman Olivier Raymond Philippe Jannequin, 42, was killed while snorkelling off Phi Phi about lunchtime on Saturday.

A friend who was in the water saw nothing unusual before discovering that Mr Jannequin was dead.

Deep cuts to his head and torso indicated he had been struck by a propellor, said Lieutenant Wisawa Sanehar, the investigating officier.

''Unfortunately there are no witnesses,'' Lieutenant Wisawa said. ''It is difficlut to take the case further.''

The friends were swimming and snorkelling off Ton Sai beach, near the main pier where day-trippers arrive and depart for Phuket, about 80 minutes away.

Mr Jannequin's death was most likely caused by a speedboat or a local longtail vessel. His body is at Krabi Hospital.


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If your propeller hits a large object in water, much like a human body for example, you will most definitely notice it.

There is not one boat drive who would not stop and check what happened to the propeller.

In doing so it's very difficult not to notice the cause of the propeller strike but fat chance the driver would come forward.

Sure helps the tourist safety campaign.

Posted by Andrew on August 21, 2012 14:19


The likelihood that the victim was left to blled to death or drown after the strike by the boat operator should be a cause of national shame.

Posted by Barry on August 21, 2012 15:57


Interesting to read a different version of the story. His 'friend' recalled it totally elsewhere.

Posted by agogohome on August 21, 2012 17:33


@Andrew. A safety campaign? That is what Phuketwan Editor thinks isn't necessary because tourists on Phuket are strongly safe ( until something will happen to him )!?!

Posted by Coralie on August 21, 2012 17:55

Editor Comment:

Coralie, as well as being a bigot, you're a bore. We're tired of criticism from ill-informed ''expat experts'' who never go near the dead bodies and have no grasp of the issues. Goodbye.


Swimming in Ton Sai bay is's terrifying enough going from yacht to shore in a dinghy...the yabah and booze addled speed boat drivers are utterly reckless as they come all the way to the pier at 30knots. Tourists should be warned about the dangers on the aeroplane over here and at hotels upon check-in -this is a third world country with regulations and safety standards to match.

Posted by El Capitan on August 22, 2012 12:06


"Difficlut"? Are you serious? What a disgrace to read such terrible English!!!

Posted by Phil on August 23, 2012 09:46

Editor Comment:

What a disgrace to have a first-time commenter nit-pik in such an exaggerated fashion about a news service he or she is getting for free. Goodbye, Phil.

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