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Phuket's Kathu Police Station: no place for a can of beer

Phuket Couple Fined 7500 Baht Each for Drinking Beer at Patong Police Station

Wednesday, October 30, 2013
PHUKET: A South African man and his Thai wife have been fined 7500 baht each for drinking beer at Patong's Kathu Police Station.

The couple were looking to calm their nerves after a session inside the station, police told Phuketwan and were only arrested after being given a warning.

The incident came about as the climax to a domestic Patong squabble.

The South African man's wife - Khun A - shared an apartment with Khun B, who was married to a well-off Malaysian man.

They split the rent of 8000 baht but recently, when Khun A was asked to pay her share, she was unable to do so.

As a result, according to Patong police, Khun B threatened: ''I'll throw all your stuff away.'' And when Khun A still declined to pay, that's what she did.

Khun A went to Patong police and told them that she wanted Khun B to pay her 400,000 baht, the value of her possessions.

Patong police checked the list and put a value on Khun A's possessions that was nowhere near 400,000 baht.

It was while continuing the claim that Khun A and her husband decided to step outside and relieve the stress with a beer in the ground of the police station.

On top of the 7500 baht fine, Khun A has a second problem, having tested positive for ya bah methamphetamine.


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Another "fine" example of the inequality dished out when a foreigner is involved.

Only about two weeks or so ago a tuktuk driver punched a Russian and paid hospital costs of 2,000baht.

Drinking a beer at a police station - 7,500baht. There is something wrong with priorities here.

Posted by A local on October 30, 2013 12:48

Editor Comment:

Laws everywhere produce inconsistencies, and it would be a surprise if Thailand was any different.


Maybe the police issued the fine because the couple were drug addicts and were disrespectful to the officers? Obviously the couple was not thinking clearly to not heed the original warning to not consume alcohol on the property.

As for the farang being unfairly targeted? seriously? His girlfriend files a fraudulent claim for damages AFTER cheating her roommate on rent. She tests positive for heavy drugs and the farang and her can't wait 30 minutes to have a beer off property.

This may be A local's kind of buddy but I say he got what he deserved.


Posted by C&C on October 30, 2013 13:58


"Laws everywhere produce inconsistencies, and it would be a surprise if Thailand was any different"

But many would argue that there is a fairly strong consistency to the 'farang paying more' when it comes to the application of fines.

Posted by LivinLOS on October 30, 2013 17:35

Editor Comment:

Hard to argue that point in a case where an expat and a Thai were each fined 7500 baht for the same offence. Seems perfectly equitable to me.

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