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Phuket's fans are likely to be unhappy of Phuket can't win next weekend

Phuket FC's Loss Puts Pressure on Coach in Vital Phuket City Game

Monday, June 3, 2013
PHUKET: A 1-0 loss by Phuket FC against lowly Saraburi FC last night leaves the job of the Phuket coach under threat.

Redemption must come in a difficult game in Phuket on Sunday against second-placed PTT Rayong.

Last night's defeat was unexpected because Phuket was placed fifth on the Division One ladder while Saraburi languished in eleventh spot.

Phuket is gradually coming adrift from the teams at the top of the ladder who have genuine chances of promotion.

Calls for Phuket Coach Panipol Kerdyaem to be made the scapegoat for Phuket's rapidly stalling second season attempt at joining the Premier League are likely to intensify.

Already the Phuket fans - never noted for patience or grace after losing - have expressed their anger once.

Phuket resort owner Pamuke Acariyachai, Chairman of Phuket FC, has backed the club magnificently and defended his coach often.

But Phuket's faltering second-season tilt at the top now probably hinges on beating PTT Rayong next weekend, no easy task.

Phuket FC: The Story So Far

Round 14 Saraburi FC 1-0 Phuket FC
Round 13 Phuket FC 2-0 Krabi FC
Round 12 Trat FC 3-3 Phuket FC
Round 11 Phuket FC 2-2 Rayong FC
Round 10 Ayutthaya FC 1-1 Phuket FC
Round Nine Phuket FC 1-1 Singh Tarua FC
Round Eight Airforce 2-1 Phuket FC
Round Seven Phuket FC 1-0 Khon Khaen FC
Round Six Nakhom Pathom 0-0 Phuket FC
Round Five Phuket FC 1-0 Ratcha Navy FC
Round Four TTM Lopburi FC 0-1 Phuket FC
Round Three Phuket FC 3-1 Sriracha Suzuki FC
Round Two Phuket FC 2-2 Bangkok FC
Round One BB-CU FC 1-1 Phuket FC


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