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Fingers pointed at two katoeys accused of thefts in Kata this week

Ladyboys Replay Drunken Spree in Cuffs

Wednesday, October 1, 2014
PHUKET: Two drunken ladyboy katoeys rode on a stealing spree from Patong to Kata-Karon that led to them being locked in handcuffs and probably bound for jail today.

The pair targetted Phuket tourists early on Monday morning, according to police, pretending to hug Russian Pavel Abramov outside the Kata Orchid about 2am and picking a mobile telephone from the pocket of his shorts instead.

A little later outside the Katathani resort in Kata Noi, the pair lifted a wallet belonging to Italian Moris Fossati and made off with 1000 euros.

After both tourists reported what had happened to Karon Police Station, the police went into action and Chote-amnui Rongjatu,26, and Suntorn Haujaipet, 24, were arrested and presented for reenactments with the tourists today.


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Past 02.00 a.m. in the street with 1000 Euros in the pocket ? Hmmm, not really smart or currencies have been mixed up...

Posted by Resident on October 2, 2014 06:41



I knew some people from UK who after watching sone stupid movies about Thailand always carried whole stock of cash, passport and credit cards with them, beach and boat trips.
They refused to keep in a safe in 5* hotel.
Actually, I felt bit uncomfortable on the beach knowing that there is appr.100,000THB only in Thai currency besides other valuable stuff.

Posted by Sue on October 2, 2014 07:57


And now I will show you how to hug someone while being handcuffed!

Posted by Somying on October 2, 2014 08:21


The last Photo of the Italian guy posing and pointing is funny.
He is posing like he will be putting it on Facebook. ( Hey on my trip to Phuket I got robbed by Ladyboys )

I almost got mugged by a team years ago. Fortunately some British guy told me to be careful of LBs on scooters that pull into side streets and come out to confront you.
I was ready and pushed and loudly told them to get away.
It really is worth taking a taxi back to hotels. No aggravation of being robbed.

Posted by John on October 2, 2014 22:17



You seem to forget the moment you hail a taxi it feels as though your being robbed anyways...

So they have spent the 1000 euros.. does the tourist get that back via travel insurance? or do they have to foot the bill for being robbed?

Agree with Resident, having 1000 euros at 2 am doesn't seem logical unless he feels as though the accommodation he stays in doesn't feel safe to leave valuables behind.

Oh well lessons learnt.

Posted by ohno on October 3, 2014 06:27

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