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FC Phuket Vote to Halt the Buriram Bandwagon

FC Phuket Vote to Halt the Buriram Bandwagon

Friday, May 27, 2011
PHUKET: POLITICS and sport are not supposed to mix but with all the talk this week about Newin Chidchob and his election comments, the banned politician's Buriram FC takes on FC Phuket on Sunday.

Ten busloads of Buriram fans and the very popular cheer squad are said to be bound for Phuket City's Surakul Stadium on Sunday.

With the big Phuket match at 6pm following on after the [1.45am Phuket time] UEFA Champions League Final between Barcelona and Manchester United, it's a big day for football viewers on Phuket.

But first, the politics off Phuket. Like many on the Democrat side, caretaker PM Abhisit Vejjajiva was not keen to hear this week's poll predictions by Khun Newin.

Khun Newin is a one-time ally of fugitive PM Thaksin Shinawatra - another who enjoys football and politics - and he is the powerbroker behind the Bhum Jai Thai Party, which hopes to become a third force in Thail politics after the July 3 elections.

Khun Newin reckoned that neither Khun Abhisit or Pheu Thai party leader Yingluck Shinawatra was likely to become PM after the poll, prompting Khun Abhisit to say: ''I'm sure his predictions are wrong. He should be focusing on his football team.''

Ans so to the Phuket football. On Sunday on Phuket, Khun Newin is likely to be taking Khun Abhisit's advice.

His Buriram FC is Phuket's nemesis, having won the playoff last year to decide the Division Two premiership.

Both were promoted to Division One, and with FC Phuket now in eighth position and Buriram lying second, Phuket will need to show it can win to keep its season alive.

Tickets for stadium entry are 50 baht for adults and 20 baht for children.
Phuket Pirate Copy Industry 'Faces Destruction'
Latest Phuket copy pirates may be forced to close for good if police proceed as planned with orders to shut down the island's undercover imitation industry.
Phuket Pirate Copy Industry 'Faces Destruction'

Phuket DIY Horror as Wall Fall Kills Expat
UPDATE An expat who planned a modification to his Phuket property died when a wall he was working on collapsed, killing him, police said. The man was a well known Phuket Hash House Harrier whose wife runs a popular beach restaurant.
Phuket DIY Horror as Wall Fall Kills Expat

Phuket Beach Attack: Expat Savaged, Baby Saved
Latest A savage attack by a dog on an expat carrying a baby on a Phuket beach raises the issue of whether dog owners should be obliged to control aggressive animals. The dog was killed.
Phuket Beach Attack: Expat Savaged, Baby Saved

Phuket Pirates Stave Off Raiders, Watches Vanish
Photo Special Tears and theatrics delay a police raid on a Phuket copy goods warehouse, possibly allowing pirates to shift their imitation hoard of watches to a safer place.
Phuket Pirates Stave Off Raiders, Watches Vanish


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