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Major General Paween has the reputation of being an  honest cop

Investigator Quits: Guilty Men Still Free

Saturday, November 7, 2015
PHUKET: The resignation of a senior human trafficking investigator today is likely to provoke international questioning about whether Thailand intends to end the evil trade in people or cover it up all over again.

Major General Paween Pongsirin said the five-month police probe was wound up and his investigation unit disbanded with more arrests yet to be made and trafficking networks unbroken.

The main reason he quit today is because acceptance of his new appointment as deputy commander of Yala province in Thailand's Deep South would expose him to revenge by trafficking network members who are still free.

Scores of arrests have been made since May by Major General Paween's team - including Army and Navy Officers, police and powerful local politicians.

But Major General Paween said: ''We were only given five months. The job is not finished yet.''

He alleges there are still senior people in uniform who have not been brought to book for their roles in the trade in people that flourished for years through Thailand until May, when the mass graves of Rohingya and Bangladeshis were discovered in secret jungle camps along the Thai-Malaysia border.

Why Thailand's probe into human trafficking was wound up with the chief investigator insisting arrests still had to be made is a question the Prime Minister and other senior government officials are likely to be asked many times before US State Department officials consider whether to lift the country from Tier 3 of its Trafficking in Persons ranking, the lowest level, next year.

With the disbanding of the trafficking investigation unit, the pregnant wife of one key Rohingya witness against several important suspects has been left to fend for herself without any protection or aid.

Major General Paween said today that ending human trafficking in Thailand was made a priority by Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-o-cha: ''I worked hard for the benefit of the country and I arrested some military officers and their [alleged] networks.''

Yala is a province where Major General Paween knows traffickers are still free so he has decided to reject his new appointment and resign instead after a long career as a highly-regarded honest policeman.

''This is very sad but I have no choice,'' he said. ''My first priority is to protect my life and the lives of my family.''

For years, human trafficking of stateless Rohingya from Myanmar (Burma) and later neighboring Bangladeshis grew into a multi-billion baht industry through Thailand with very few arrests and huge amounts of money changing hands.

Onlookers fear that with so many senior people in the networks still free, the hideous process is likely to resume at any moment - but with greater effort going into covering it up.

Thailand's grassroots effort to educate local officials and stop human trafficking from now on has not been matched by a desire to expose and arrest all those in uniform who were previously part of the trade in people.

Phil Robertson, Deputy Director, Asia Division, Human Rights Watch, said: ''Thailand's serious human trafficking problem is further from being solved today with the loss of Major General Paween, who did an exemplary job in investigating the human trafficking gangs involved in perpetuating the misery of the Rohingya, and prosecuting anyone involved, no matter how high their rank or important their connections.

''Transferring efficient and highly committed police in a punitive way, and leaving witnesses unprotected is precisely the way that Thailand elites have historically allowed human rights related prosecutions to unravel.

''The US government and the international community need to be asking some hard questions about this case to those in charge of Thailand's anti-trafficking efforts.

''Will these prosecutions of influential persons in the Rohingya trafficking cases go the same way that so many other trafficking prosecutions have gone in the past - let the accused play for time, look the other way as witnesses are intimidated or bought off, and then throw hands up in the air and look blameless when the prosecution cases implode at the court, allowing traffickers to walk free?

''It's time for action to be taken now to make sure that doesn't happen.''

Major General Paween, a career-long police officer now aged 57, will leave the force in 30 days unless authorities rescind the Yala appointment or hasten his resignation.

Thousands more Rohingya are expected to take to the sea in search of sanctuary after tomorrow's national election in Myanmar.

Declaration of Interest

Puketwan journalists Alan Morison and Chutima Sidasathian have to wait until November 30 for the possibility of a court verdict appeal by the Phuket Prosecutor's office to end. On September 1 a judge dismissed all criminal defamation and computer crimes charges against the reporters.

The case was brought by the Royal Thai Navy over Rohingya trafficking allegations originally published by Reuters news agency.

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Wow. This is sad news. Thank you General Paween Pongsorin for your many long years of dedication, honesty and hard work for the greater good of Thailand and it's people. A true hero.

Posted by Paradise on November 7, 2015 16:55


Such a shame. The world needs more people like Major General Paween.

Posted by Leigh on November 7, 2015 18:17


proven policeman who gets results just abandoned years of service experience and positive results with no consideration his next post would place him in extreme danger from certain quarters do he's resigning unless common sense prevails and no wonder.

Posted by slickmelb on November 7, 2015 20:42


He should get into politics.

Posted by Lena on November 7, 2015 21:25


Disappointing, deeply disappointing.
One step forward, one step back. Thailand just seems to spin its wheels when it comes to some matters.

Posted by Tuna58 on November 7, 2015 21:55


It's a disgrace ! We've known about this situation for weeks so how long have the authorities known ?!? And this is their response ? He openly states the job isn't finished because he wasn't allowed the time to arrest senior figures in power and now they send him back into their back garden but without the protection afforded when the world was watching ? How far up does this go ?

Posted by James on November 8, 2015 10:01


Politics? He'd last five minutes in that shark tank. It's almost like they were setting him up by sending him to Yala. Maybe that was the plan to silence him.

Posted by Arun Muruga on November 8, 2015 10:13

Editor Comment:

Although it would be great if he continued in the police force, he has a great future with any security company on Phuket.

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