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A tiger in the process of being stuffed lies dead in a Bangkok guesthouse

Tiger Abusers Caught Red-Handed in Bangkok Guesthouse

Sunday, February 5, 2012
PHUKET: Phuket has been falsely accused lately of being the destination where tourists eat elephant. There's no proof of that.

But there is evidence that Bangkok had blood on its hands when it comes to killing tigers.

Patrol police in the Klongsamwa district of Bangkok came across a man who was out buying plastic bags about 7.35pm.

But he had forgotten to wash his bloody hands, so the officers were a bit puzzled and decided to accompany him home.

Anucha Seama, 33, was in charge of the process of stuffing a male tiger, three metres long and 400 kilos, which must have looked splendid in life. But it just looked sad, dead on the floor.

Three other workers were also in the two-storey guesthouse. The officers found dead buffalo, snakes, a crocodile and rare birds.

Most concerning, though, was the tiger.

Khun Anucha told police the animals were stuffed for parks and shopping malls in China. A big tiger could sell for two million baht.

It was the second time he'd stuffed a tiger, he said. Police were questioning all the men last night about where the animals had been obtained.


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Very sad story. I wonder if the tiger came from the wild or from one of the zoos.

Maybe it is time to get all the tigers registered into a DNA database as like the elephants.

Posted by Relic on February 5, 2012 16:37


Established that "a big tiger could sell for 2 million baht", the Police were questioning all the men last night about where the animals can actually be obtained.

Posted by Big Show on February 6, 2012 04:19


The Chinese people are starting to find that shark-finning, purchasing and eating exotic animals, etc. is neither humane, but lessens how the world views them. Thank goodness for legislatures like Ding Liguo.

Possibly the parks and malls that have the audacity to purchase and display these regal creatures, and the people who kill and stuff them, should experience bans and violence. Unfortunately, the need to eat portions of animals for 'strength' is not only ignorant, but now dangerous to society as a whole.

Posted by EWren on February 7, 2012 02:26


What a heartbreak, to see this majestic animal reduced to this. Hopefully this will not be sidelined, it should be made an international headline so the Thai authorities have to pursue it till justice is served. Like those dogs smuggled to Vietnam for their meat.

Posted by May on February 16, 2012 12:37

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