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Dramatic new video of moment of death in Patong family feud

New Murder Evidence: Video Shows Patong Killing

Friday, October 9, 2009
THIS IS the startling new evidence in the Jintana Plaza murder case, the moment before a man was shot dead.

This still image is taken from a video that only came to the attention of police yesterday, three months after the killing took place in broad daylight in Patong.

On the right, with his back to the camera, is Daruwat Burintarakob, 24, who was shot dead with a single bullet to the heart amid a volley of gunfire on July 21.

To the left, arms folded, is his cousin, Wuttichai Burintarakob, 47.

The man with the gun raised, appearing ready to fire, has been named by police as Sunan Potwatpairoj, 61.He is a former policeman.

Serving officers say the image shows the moment before Khun Daruwat died from that single shot through the heart.

Police were not saying today where the video came from or who took it, only that a CD containing the startling footage came into their possession yesterday for the first time.

The footage shows the stand-off that came as a climax to a family feud over the Jintana Plaza property. The two groups, each consisting of a family member and their armed ''protection,'' confronted each other.

Police allege Khun Wuttichai gave the order for Khun Sunan to kill his cousin.

Khun Wuttichai told police as recently as October 6, when he was arrested on his return to the Jintana Plaza office, that he was not even on the island on the day of the shooting.

The video suggests he may have forgotten his precise movements that fateful day.

In the gunplay that followed, as Khun Daruwat fell to the ground dying, three other men were wounded.

One of them was Khun Sunan, who was hit in the leg. Panic spread as tourists and vendors heard the shots and ran for cover.

At least three guns were fired. None have been recovered.

Police escorted Khun Wuttichai and three other men accused of Khun Daruwat's murder to court yesterday. A lawyer offered 500,000 baht for bail for Khun Wuttichai, but the offer was refused.

Khun Sunan was taken to hospital for treatment immediately after the shooting and has been in custody ever since. Two other men were wounded in the exchange.
Patong Shootout Gunman Killed Cousin: Police
Phuket Latest An intense family feud over a landmark property in Patong brought one family murder and now police have charged a man with killing his cousin in a dramatic daylight shootout.
Patong Shootout Gunman Killed Cousin: Police

Two Phuket Attacks: Expat Raped, One Escapes
Updating Report One expat woman has been raped and another narrowly escaped in separate sex attacks on Phuket within 24 hours. Police are not sure whether one man or two is involved.
Two Phuket Attacks: Expat Raped, One Escapes

Phuket ID Cards for Gods as Income Lifts Spirits
Phuket Latest Entranced warriors will need ID cards that also list the names of invading spirits for this year's Phuket Vegetarian Festival. For the first time, the gods will have to be registered.
Phuket ID Cards for Gods as Income Lifts Spirits

Bangkok Arrivals Boost Good for Phuket's Future, Too
Arrival Statistics A revival appears to be in the making as Phuket's high season looms. Figures from the national airport hub show good times should be achievable again.
Bangkok Arrivals Boost Good for Phuket's Future, Too

Six Phuket Resorts and 1200 Rooms Win a Big Tick
Brands in Bloom A fourth Courtyard by Marriott, a new Novotel and another Phuket Arcadia are coming, just three of six resort projects that will add 1200 rooms to Phuket resort stock.
Six Phuket Resorts and 1200 Rooms Win a Big Tick

Norway's Professors Pursue Phi Phi Killer Riddle
Latest The enduring mystery of why two young tourists died on the holiday island of Phi Phi may yet be answered. Two forensic professors have been working on the case since June.
Norway's Professors Pursue Phi Phi Killer Riddle

Phuket Wins Miss Poland Beauty Contestants
Phuket Photo Album Beauty comes in all sizes and shapes and the Miss Polonia contestants will discover over the next few days how beautiful the island of Phuket can be.
Phuket Wins Miss Poland Beauty Contestants


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They really have to do something to stop all this crime in Patong.

Posted by Anonymous on October 10, 2009 12:04


I say set up an area similar to the Phuket Shooting Range dedicated to Thais that want to shoot each other.This way innocent people will not be in the way and a few less trigger happy Thais will make the Island that much more peaceful.

Posted by Neill Campbell on October 10, 2009 14:52

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