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Lifeguards on duty at Karon beach, with a jetski nearby

Safety Flags, Guards Dot Risky Phuket Beaches

Tuesday, June 23, 2009
NEW safety precautions seem to be operating well on Phuket beaches this week, a Phuketwan survey has found.

At Karon beach, where three of four drowning victims died in the space of three days recently, reporters yesterday found pods of lifeguards and flags along the sand.

Flags and lifeguards were also in evidence at other popular beaches. Reports continue to come of regular rescues at Surin beach, where the fourth victim drowned.

At the southern end of Karon beach yesterday, lifeguards sat watching from an umbrella close to the surf, with a jetski at the ready.

A similar group of lifesavers was gathered towards the northern end of the long beach.

Swimmers frolicked in the water, between yellow flags, with red and yellow flags to the outside of the yellow flags. Beyond the yellow and red flags were lines of red flags.

All along the beach road were large board signs alerting passersby to the flag system and warning them not to swim where red flags are flying.

The new system appears to be a vast improvement on the previous structure, where lifeguards were usually stationed at the back of the beaches.

The Australian system of having small groups of lifesavers together usually ensures that one or two are delegated as lookouts in shifts throughout the day.

Twelve lifeguards are on duty at Karon, local authorities said, with more at Kata.

At Naiharn, Phuketwan was told, six lifeguards have been telling people who swim in the red flag zones that their safety cannot be guaranteed.

Resorts and guesthouses have been asked to reinforce the message by making sure that guests understand that there are times when some of Phuket's most popular beaches become unsafe.

A new marketing campaign, designed to sell Phuket in the monsoon season, clearly carries an obligation to warn visitors that the beaches can be deadly in ''Summer.''

The quality of the new system will only be proven with constant vigilance and with successful real-life rescues.

As locals who work on each of the beaches are well aware, higher tides each moon cycle usually bring treacherous conditions in the seas and the need for heightened awareness.

Experts have pointed out that the speed of rescue and resuscitation can make the difference between life and death.

An unconscious victim plucked from the waves can be revived successfully, provided trained rescuers are able to perform cpr rapidly.

A series of surfboard riding carnivals this monsoon season and the second Patong surf lifesaving carnival, set to be staged on July 11 (juniors) and July 12 (adults) will help to raise awareness about learning to swim and safety in the water.

Regular ''little nipper'' surf carnivals, designed to encourage youngsters to learn to swim, are also improving the water culture.

Safety on the northern end of Karon beach will become even more important with the opening of the giant Centara Beach Resort, which is right on the beachfront.

Improvements are also being made to walkways all along the beachfront.

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On Monday The " Life Guards" at Surin were dozing under a tree, their surfboard was also pulled up far from the water and was in use as a drying board for their personal belongings.
Thailand: At Your Own Risk

Posted by Capt Kirk on June 24, 2009 08:05


There was a lifeguard at Nai Harn beach on Sunday...he consistently blew the whistle at those who were too far out in the waves as well as walking up and down the beach with his eyes on the water.

Posted by Anonymous on June 24, 2009 12:02


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Editor: Always happy to support the concept of competition. But anyone who prefers Pattaya to Phuket needs their head examined. Some national leaders even fled Pattaya by helicopter recently! Most of them prefer Phuket.

Posted by Phuket Beach on July 20, 2009 17:13

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