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White and fighting for life, coral at Phuket's Nai Harn Bay

Phuket's Coral Reefs Fighting for Survival

Saturday, May 15, 2010
Bleached Reef Photo Album Above

WHILE many people are currently becoming passionate about the color red, white may be ultimately far more damaging to Phuket tourism and the diving industry.

East of Phuket, about 30 percent of inshore reefs are already dead from bleaching, says Niphon Phongsuwan, the coral reef specialist at the Phuket Marine Biology Centre.

The photos above from Phuket's popular Nai Harn Bay were provided by Phuketwan reader James Litorice, who says about 70 percent of the Nai Harn corals have been bleached. The bleached reefs will recover, as long as the temperature of the sea drops soon.

Every day without monsoon rains and the covering clouds that provide protection from the intense sun puts Phuket's corals further at risk.

The reefs, unable to cope, bleach white before dying. A temperature of 30.1 degrees is the tipping point. If the water stays at or above that level, the reefs may not survive.

Khun Niphon says that it will take two weeks of cooler temperatures and overcast skies to know whether the majority of Phuket reefs are going to pull through. He says the life and death issue is affecting about 90 percent of reefs throughout the Andaman Coast and in the Gulf of Thailand.

''Deeper reefs will do better,'' he said. Those on the island's east coast that have already died are in shallow waters, and more greatly exposed to intense heat.

''In some cases, bad water from hills and construction sites wiill not help,'' Khun Niphon said. ''The quality of the water is also important when the temperatures cool down.

''The better the water quality, the faster the recovery.''
Phuket Coral Bleaches White as Heat Intensifies
Latest Almost all of Thailand's coral reefs are bleaching and in danger of dying unless an unusual spell of heat breaks soon. Divers confirm the whitening, and greater jellyfish numbers.
Phuket Coral Bleaches White as Heat Intensifies

Phuket Environment Chief Warns of Disaster
Latest Phuket's environmental chief makes a stand for the island's beaches and reefs that deserves to be heard. The same point is being made by one of the world's most powerful leaders.
Phuket Environment Chief Warns of Disaster

Phuket Storm Breaks Andaman's Steam Heat
Latest Drenching storms over Phuket City early today marked the beginning of the monsoon season after an extended period of heat and humidity that even threatened to damage coral reefs.
Phuket Storm Breaks Andaman's Steam Heat

Similans Seem Set for World Heritage Listing
Latest Phuket and the Andaman coast's prime dive destination, the Similan Islands, is being checked by an international working party, with World Heritage listing as the prize.
Similans Seem Set for World Heritage Listing

9pm MediaWATCH: Phuket Gains New 'Long Reef'
9pm News UPDATE Warning of new drug; Thaksin 'beyond return'; Three kilometre reef sunk off Mai Khao; End red rally, says retail sector; Malaysia backs the good gays; Fake note frenzy.
9pm MediaWATCH: Phuket Gains New 'Long Reef'

Phuket's Sky Dive Reef: Comeback on Track
Latest Phuket's sky dive reef, the artificial destination for divers off Bang Tao, is being improved with protective buoys and the addition of railway bogeys. It's a comeback that's on track.
Phuket's Sky Dive Reef: Comeback on Track


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Let us us all hope that the reefs do indeed recover. We certainly have enough obstacles to overcome as it is without having our diving industry put at risk as well.

Meanwhile, I had the pleasure of meeting the photographer Alexa. A charming, artistic and refined young lady from Idaho in the USA, she and her equally charming younger sister Olivia had brought their mom with them for a beach holiday in Phuket.

Posted by Treelover on May 16, 2010 10:33

Wednesday November 29, 2023
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