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Phuket Declares War on Corruption

Phuket Declares War on Corruption

Tuesday, September 16, 2014
PHUKET: Corruption may have been down the list when Phuket's honorary consuls met the governor yesterday but it's plain that once the Phuket beaches are clean and the Phuket taxi meters are ticking fairly, graft and bribery will soar to first spot.

Phuket's Governor Maitree Intrusud made that obvious yesterday when he urged the journalists present - the two reporters from Phuketwan - to note the following words:

No. 4 Corruption Elimination

1. In case of bribery or corruption witnessed, please collect all the information - the situation, date, people documents and report directly to the Governor.
2. May we assure you that we are working to solve the malpractice here in Phuket, especially the cases concerning tourists and foreigners.

Today the words of Prime Minister General Prayuth Chan-ocha are all over the media. He says that combating corruption is the key policy of the government and the military regime - even though the issue is not one of the 11 fields earmarked for national reform.

Years ago, Phuketwan called on the Government of Thailand to make Phuket a role model for the rest of Thailand by wiping out corruption on the island, Thailand's most prosperous and most international province.

At the time, we were voices in the wilderness. Our appeals for protecting the beaches and for reforming the taxis and tuk-tuks also seemed to go unheeded, too.

Now, it must be said, with the island's top administrators and the Prime Minister saying that corruption must go, we believe the future of Phuket and of Thailand has never been brighter.

And we're delighted to be able to say that Phuketwan was there to hear it, and to report it.


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Why not put a few 'ghosts' through Immigration at the airport to clear up and report any 'mis-understandings' about the fast tracking system we have been experiencing lately. Yes, I hate to say it but I contributed to corruption last week by paying my B100 fast track toll. It was either that or stop in one of the interminable queues.

Unfortunately I can't present my evidence to the Governor as no receipt was forthcoming for either that or the inoperative taxi meter once exiting the airport.

To be honest though an above board fast track lane would be welcomed, so long as it was in tandem with a fully operating normal system.

Posted by Mister Ree on September 16, 2014 08:50


How does one contact the governor? Is there an email address?

Posted by Amazing Thailand on September 16, 2014 12:10

Editor Comment:

There's a Post Office box outside the Governor's House in Phuket City or you could drop it at Phuket Provincial Hall. As the present governor is leaving, email us and we will find a suitable alternative.


Yeah call me as I'm being promoted and won't answer!!

Posted by Sharp on September 16, 2014 12:43


Only two reporters present..from PW? (moderated)

Posted by James on September 16, 2014 12:56

Editor Comment:

What it shows, James is that we cover the significant events for expats, not just the ones that are good for business. Good luck with your brain transplant.


Mister Ree I encourage you to not use your lack of evidence as an excuse to not report your experience. Not many receipts are issued for extortion anywhere in the world. If you have witnessed it, as many others have, and you have the courage to report it properly as requested by the Governor, then set an example and step up.
1. In case of bribery or corruption witnessed, please collect all the information - the situation, date, people documents and report directly to the Governor. The key words are WITNESSED, SITUATION, DATE AND TIME, PEOPLE THAT WERE ALSO THERE, DOCUMENTS. Documents is but one of piece missing of the many pieces of information you have.

Posted by John Upton on September 16, 2014 13:12


And how do we contact the Governor directly?

Posted by slipperx on September 16, 2014 13:14

Editor Comment:

The mail box at the Governor's House or at Phuket Provincial Hall in Phuket City.


Why not post my whole comment? (moderated)

Posted by James on September 16, 2014 13:37

Editor Comment:

For the following reasons, James:

PHUKETWAN hereby alters its policy on the posting of Comments and bans whingers, whiners, do-nothings, dingbats, doomsayers, carpers, harpers and kooks. This list may grow with time. Constructive ideas and new pieces of information remain welcome.

In other words, no valueless piece of unwarranted criticism dripped from your fingertips will be considered.


I have everything required, dates, place, people, documents and proof. I am not in Thailand. I cannot go to the governor's post box. What do you suggest?

Posted by Cat on September 16, 2014 13:43

Editor Comment:

Send us an email and we will pass it on to the appropriate people.


"Good luck with your brain transplant" Ed, you certainly are feisty today! I don't know why you let these people get under your skin. A recent example last night at a well known bar I was standing by a pool table in a good mood when a man I did not know bent over to take a shot and pushed me out the way with his bottom. I thought two things, shall I push him back and say something like ""did you never go to school or your parents teach you the words Excuse me" or say sorry to him and remain in a good mood for the rest of the evening. I choose the latter. There are plenty of idiots even certifiable mental cases here in Phuket but I take the approach that it is always easy to bend down and pick up poo, if you get my drift. In other words I am better than them and won't lower myself to their level or let them adversely influence me. Short version don't go down to their level ED.

Posted by Feisty Farang on September 16, 2014 14:48


A lot of us could use a partial brain transplant - @Fiesty Farang, you are no FISH! Well done last night, you wisely let the "D- bag expat" be your namesake - and avoided biting the hook.


"Tough guy" expats are a satang a dozen in Phuket-it's their signature default behavior

Posted by farang888 on September 16, 2014 21:30


i would like to contact the governor
about police coming to my shop and collecting money every month
you pay of 1 then the immigration comes you pay them of next group comes
it never ends
note that its not the police that collect the money they always send their
how can i contact the governor directly

Posted by chr on September 16, 2014 23:26

Editor Comment:

Call Phuket Provincial Hall on 076 222803


@ ED.In other words, no valueless piece of unwarranted criticism dripped from your fingertips will be considered.


Posted by James on September 17, 2014 09:15

Editor Comment:

We don't intend to waste any more time with you or other simple-minded critics of PW, James. If you have something to add to the topic, fine. If not, there are plenty of other sites. You've never had a single constructive thought. Like it or lump it.


Does one really need to report to the governor that jetskis , that are supposedly 'forbidden' on Surin beach , are conducting business their everyday the sea is useable? Is this fact THAT hard to establish?
And BTW , Patong Immigration are now charging 100 baht , for the 'service' of receiving a 90 day report , and "300" was requested at Airport Immigration to fast track my friends arrival on Monday. So much for the end of 'corruption'. Has the army gone home?

Posted by Chob on September 18, 2014 21:53


@chr, why not just get legal?

Posted by Nomadjoe on September 19, 2014 13:24


Gee, what would we do without phuket wan...

Posted by Laughing Out Loud on September 19, 2014 20:51

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