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Inside the secret aquarium used by the alleged Phuket poacher

Update: Police Raids Uncover 'Coral Fish Gang'

Friday, August 28, 2009
Phuketwan UPDATE: Photo Album Above

POLICE raided the Takuapa bus station in Phang Nga on Friday and found protected coral reef fish in transit to Bangkok. (Early reports incorrectly said the raid was conducted in Rawai.) About 180 coral blooms were rescued and are being brought back to Phuket. A man who was accompanying the blooms ran off.

Phuketwan Original Report

A BANGKOK man has been arrested and accused of being the mastermind behind a 100 million baht-a-year coral reef fish poaching ring of Rawai sea gypsies.

At 7pm on Wednesday, police were taken to a house in the sea gypsy village at Rawai where they found 150 protected fish of 18 species in aquarium tanks.

More than 100 living coral blooms were also found in the house by officers.

Police said Sutee Sirisaringkarn, 36, the man accused of organising the poaching, had between 100,000 baht and 500,000 baht moving into his bank account each week.

Police Lieutenant Chatchai Sakdee, of the Marine Police, said Khun Sutee told officers that the bulk of orders came from Chiang Mai.

The fish and the blooms would be sent to buyers by air transport, once sufficient orders had been filled.

Police are now tracing the sources of his bank-book income of 100 million in the past year.

More interviews will be conducted with Khun Sutee to determine the identities of the local poachers.

Phuketwan Phuket News

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Greedy little chap this. No wonder we don't see nor catch big fish here in our waters. Poachers have taken the lot.You are a thief for all thai people and their livelihoods k' Sutee. Donate your ill gotten gains to the Phuket has been good to us foundation ok ?

Posted by Graham on August 27, 2009 17:36


In an article in another Phuket newspaper from August 24, it mentioned that a Phuket charity had paid off 500,000 of debt for some of the sea gypsies, though 2 million baht of debt remained with 154 different families. This chap could have paid this off in a month ! Charity begins at home!

The figures, whilst sensational, do seem a bit hard to believe. If he really did take 100 mil per year, would he still be living in squalor in the sea gypo village? Are these real figures or projected figures?

Editor: The figures are amounts police say they found passing into his bank account.

Posted by Concerned about greed? on August 27, 2009 21:02

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