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I'll take the 9.05 to Patong, thanks . . . light rail in detail

Phuket Light Rail Plan Starts on 52b Baht Track

Thursday, April 30, 2009
Airport, Chalong, Phuket City, Patong plan

A BID is being made to provide Phuket with a light rail service that would answer many of the island's public transport needs.The complete network could cost as much as 52 billion baht.

Approval has yet to be given and the concept would need to proceed through several stages.

But the basic plan was explained yesterday in a meeting between the Governor, Wichai Praisa-Nob, representatives from the private firm making the proposal, and tourism industry leaders.

First phase would be a light rail route running from Phuket Airport to the Bypass Junction, where the route would split in two, one route continuing to Phuket City and the other turning and continuing along the Bypass Road to Chalong Circle.

That route would be 41.4 kilometres in total length.

The Phuket City-Patong route would follow soon after, along 18.4 kilometres. Three island lines combined would cover 76.6 kilometres.

Governor Wichai expressed enthusiasm for the idea, presented yesterday at Provincial Hall by Dr Allina Salim, director of Singapore-based Jade Trust Fund International.

The concept also met with the approval of Methee Tanmanatragul, president of the southern division of the Thai Hotels Association, and Eam Tawonwong, director of Phuket e-commerce.

Initial cost of the project would be met by private investment, with the return to come from fares on the routes.

The first line, along existing road routes, would take five years to complete, Dr Salim told the gathering.

The firm had access to the money required for investment in the project, the meeting was told. What's required next is a commitment from the national government.

Dr Salim said that in 30 days, after research had been completed, the firm should be able to specify more closely just how much the project should cost.

A referendum should also be conducted so that developers could be certain the project met with the approval of Phuket people, the meeting heard.

Governor Wichai gave his approval to the concept and offered support if required.

Asked why Phuket was considered worth the investment, Dr Salim said the island had made a quick comeback after the 2004 tsunami and was an international destination.

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Helloooooo april fools jokes are only valid up until 1200 noon on the first of April.
Is this now after the tunnel through the Patong hill, the underground 6 lane highway under the heroines monument, the massive sunshade dome over laguna and the elves eating the fairies to become a goblin ??? Who dreams up these schemes because I think there is a very big marketing oportunity for their oaties.
Please, real solutions please !

Posted by Graham on April 30, 2009 08:26


There's no chance they'll ever make back their investment in this lifetime unless they charge higher fares than the tuk-tuks!

That said, I do think it would be a grand way to tour the island, safely and without hassle. But it will never happen.

Posted by LC on April 30, 2009 09:46


Sounds exciting right? Don't think it'll happen, would kill the tuk tuks off and certain families would not be too happy about it. Almost as good as the "Siam Sunrays" drink that really made the tourists flock back to Thailand. Waste of money in the research, marketing and time!

Posted by 5yearsinTH on April 30, 2009 11:41


Blah, Blah, Blah ... that's all you ever hear. Instead of all these grand schemes that will never take off why not address the really important issues such as Underground Power across the island, adequate sewer system, garbage disposal. Hey, how about pumping the money into decent education and health care for the Thai population. The Thai officials are SO out of touch with reality.

Posted by Noddy on April 30, 2009 11:46


Save all those billions of baht, the light rail plans are unrealistic. Invest in sturdy, comfortable buses or mini-buses, and pay safe drivers, and link all the main places on Phuket.
Much easier to carry out !

Posted by elizabeth on April 30, 2009 22:41

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