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Phuket is a yellow-shirt stronghold: red-shirts also want a peaceful summit

Phuket Governor Made Plea for Island Summit

Friday, May 29, 2009
THE GOVERNOR of Phuket, Wichai Praisa-nob, made a private plea for the Asean Plus Six summit to come to the island in a meeting recently with the Foreign Minister, Kasit Piromya.

''The summit is 90 percent certain, I think,'' the governor told Phuketwan '' but the final decision lies with the Government.''

He added that it would be appropriate for the Hilton Arcadia Phuket to be the centre of the summit because the resort had already been thoroughly checked and approved for security.

''Phuket is ready. The security is ready. The landscaping will be ready.

''We hope to have a big rally at Saphan Hin before October to show that the people are ready, too.''

He said the islanders would undertake to watch for troublemakers and were committed to make the summit work.

''If the summit is a success, it will improve the reputation of Phuket and Thailand and bring back confidence and tourists,'' the governor said.

''Even the red-shirts on the island have promised to support the summit and will prevent others from causing problems.''

He advised the Government to book a date for accommodation on Phuket in October early.

''They missed the opportunity at Songkran and tourists will hopefully be returning to Phuket in large numbers by October,'' the governor said.

Khun Wichai said he was ready to lead and help Phuket if he can.

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Nobody seems to question the benefits (few at best) of hosting such summits. Holding it in Phuket sends the message to the world that Thailand is incapable of holding it in Bangkok (where it should really be). A successful summit in Phuket is not a solution to Thailand's tourism industry... that's a wee bit more serious and takes much more effort.

Posted by Duncan on May 29, 2009 19:22


Maybe PHUKET should become the Thailand Capital ???

Posted by Graham on May 30, 2009 09:51


Duncan and Graham ... like your train of thought. I fully agree Duncan I see very few benefits of holding the summit in Thailand, especially with regards to tourism. What will the tourist make of it, that simply the airports are open. The real danger here is if it kicks off like it did in Pattaya then things here will get a lost worse. Besides how can a Non-Elected government in a so-called democracy hold any type of meeting. Still nobody ever said living here was boring. If you didn't laugh, you'd cry!

Posted by Noddy on June 11, 2009 19:28

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