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One of the dead dugongs, found off Phuket on Ko Yao Noi

Phuket Dugongs Die in Netting Nightmare

Tuesday, August 17, 2010
THIS baby dugong was one of two found dead on Sunday at Ko Yao Noi, off Phuket. Marine biologists said the female dugong was 2.7 metres while the baby was over a metre in length and about two years old.

The mother probably died first then the baby followed five days or so later, the marine biologists believe.

At Phuket Marine Biology Centre, an autopsy revealed sea grass food in their stomachs. It is believed the two dugongs were caught in a net and blinded.

Dr Kongkiat Kittiwattanawong said the two were the seventh and eights dugongs to die because of netting in the Andaman region this year.

It is hoped that the new plan for a conservation zone off Phuket will keep more dugongs alive. Their sea grass feeding beds have been affected by property development and damaging waste water run-offs.
Phuket's New 'Special Marine Zone' Catches Officials by Surprise
Latest Changes designed to better protect Phuket's marine environment that for the first time link back to land activities have caught officials by surprise. The changes become law on July 30.
Phuket's New 'Special Marine Zone' Catches Officials by Surprise

Phuket and the Taj Exotica: A Romance For Our Times
News Analysis The love affair between Phuket and the Taj Exotica continues to be an intriguing dalliance that displays all the signs of a modern romance, short of commitment and marriage.
Phuket and the Taj Exotica: A Romance For Our Times

Phuket Pirates 'May Target Cruise Ships'
Latest With illegal immigrants, ocean rescues, customs smugglers, fishing poachers and illegal timber merchants to look after, the Third Navy is also preparing for pirates in the Andaman Sea.
Phuket Pirates 'May Target Cruise Ships'

Similans Seem Set for World Heritage Listing
Latest Phuket and the Andaman coast's prime dive destination, the Similan Islands, is being checked by an international working party, with World Heritage listing as the prize.
Similans Seem Set for World Heritage Listing

Give Greater Phuket's Two-Headed Turtle a Name
PHOTO ALBUM Phuket has a new animal emblem - a two headed turtle, in need of a name. The unusual turtle is being given star treatment at a Royal Thai Navy base north of Phuket
Give Greater Phuket's Two-Headed Turtle a Name


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When are the fisherman going to start to care about the environment?

Posted by VFaye on August 17, 2010 12:15


@VFaye, that's a good question. I used to rent the longtail boats in Rawaii and go fishing, but stopped as every boat I ever rented threw garbage into the ocean. It surprises me that the people that make their money directly from the ocean seem to care about the ocean the least.

Posted by Chris on August 17, 2010 14:47


I don't get why people would hunt an animal just for oil meat and other stuff also why the fisherman be more careful and start caring about animals

Posted by Azriel on November 6, 2014 07:56

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