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The alleged cat burglar with contents of a stolen Phuket backpack

Phuket Cat Burglar Nabbed With Tourists' Belongings, Say Patong Police

Tuesday, October 7, 2014
PHUKET: Police in Patong today arrested a cat burglar who made off with a backpack belonging to a tourist couple who were guests at one of Phuket's landmark resorts.

A valuable camera and other prized possessions were among the belongings of the couple from Bahrain recovered when officers made an arrest at a workers' camp near Patong.

Security camera footage from the Indochine Resort and Villas, on the coast road north of Patong, allowed police to get their man quickly. He was named as Ismail Pormalee, 30.

The unnamed couple checked other belongings but found only the backpack and its contents were missing. They reported the theft at 9.30pm last night, as soon as they realised the bag was gone.

It was the second cat burglar capture within days and followed the arrest of a man who stole a mobile telephone from a villa at The Palmery in Kata.


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Cat burglar meaning what?..or is this just another fancy name being thrown around

Posted by sky on October 7, 2014 17:48

Editor Comment:

This is the final response from me to any question that can easily be answered if a reader actually tries. I don't have the time to treat you like an overeager child, sky. This is not Ask the Editor.

Cat Burglar: a burglar who breaks into buildings by climbing through upstairs windows, across roofs, etc., especially with great stealth and agility.


Are these people getting their cats back as well?

Posted by Mister Ree on October 7, 2014 17:54


Why not bring a dog to trace the cat?

Posted by Ms Fool on October 7, 2014 18:27


I would think that in low season work for many is very quiet - sadly people do not have money and resort to crime. I would guess that theft is higher in low season. Ed, any stats around or these days there seems less stats given out, like the deaths rate for foreigners, water quality on the beaches etc.

Posted by Feisty Farang on October 7, 2014 19:55


I am just surprised there are not more such crimes, despite the high number of tourists and the relative poverty of the locals.
I have lived on a Spanish holiday island before, namely Ibiza, where burglaries and other petty crimes belong to everydaylife.
Despite the news,I feel quite safe here and police is helpful.

Posted by William on October 8, 2014 11:39

Editor Comment:

Indeed. These things are relative.

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