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New warning signs at Patong spell out swim dangers well

Phuket Campaign on Litter Broadens to Energy

Saturday, August 1, 2009
Phuket Community Action Campaigns

THE ''SUMMER in Phuket'' campaign appears to be achieving some aims and has broadened its approach to include environmental targets and community education on a range of issues.

The latest information package comes via email with endorsement from the Tourism Authority of Thailand, the Phuket Public Health Office, and the Phuket Marine Biological Centre.

As well as promoting the next beach cleanup, scheduled for August 6, there's a broader list of advice under the heading: ''Phuket: Litter Free 2010''

To be frank, the thought of taking some of this advice is alarming . . . for example, ''If you see a light on in your neighbor's house overnight, talk to them.''

What if, as with many people these days, your neighbor's concern is more about security than saving energy?

There's a big difference between doing what everybody can do as an individual, and becoming the kind of prying, advice-giving neighbor that nobody wants.

We think that piece of advice crosses a line and should not be followed.

The rest of it, though, seems sound, although extolling the virtues of any new philosophy to others needs to be done at the right moment:

Your voice and your action as an individual, and as a family has a great deal of influence. Follow these steps and we will all enjoy a better Island and a healthier life. Be excited about this change for the better, have you ever been asked to really do something for your planet? NOW is your chance.

Remember the 4Rs. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and be Responsible. Reduce your waste and plastic bag usage, Reuse items as much as possible. Recycle plastic bottles, cans and bottles in new beach Recycling stations that are being built and be Responsible.

Plastic bags pool water and breed mosquitos. Plastic bags litter our environment and wash into the sea, killing dolphins, turtles, fish and polluting beaches. Dirty gardens, streets, parking areas, public parks and beaches equals NO TOURISTS. Buy a reuse bag from Central, Jungceylon, Carrefour, MAKRO, Tesco Lotus, TOPS or BIG C or make your own.

Pick up your trash.. Its your Island. Please dispose of waste thoughtfully. Tie your garbage bags and don't let loose plastic fly with the wind from in and around your garbage bins. Give your bins a wash and most importantly organise a big clean up inside and outside the house, throw it away or give it away. Clean your street area, remove plastic bags.

Save Energy to SAVE MONEY. Unplug your phone chargers and other items when not in use, they are like vampires and suck energy. Turn off the lights.

Drink tap water where possible and reduce plastic water bottle use. In some countries they are now banned . Shower quickly, turn off taps, stop drips. Be Conservative with water. SAVE MONEY.

Think before you start your motorbike or car - how about a nice walk, conserve gas, produce less fumes. Keep Our Air Clean. SAVE MONEY and be more healthy.

Be like a pineapple with 1000 eyes - if you see a piece of plastic at the beach, pick it up. If you see a light on in your neighbors' house overnight, talk to them. If you see someone dumping illegally take the car registration and report them.

Phuket will look beautifull and reverse the garbage trend only if all her residents and tourists work together to make it a better place.

Tell your kids and friends about this note and explain what each means. Talk to your neighbor, the fisherman, the construction worker, the boss and to your grandparents. One voice can tell 100 people, if they tell 100 people then 10,000 hear the message. Phuket with only 500,000 residents is easy to inform others, making Phuket the first province in Thailand to adopt this long term approach.

Make Phuket Proud.

and don't forget:

CONSIDER OTHERS. If you have a cold or flu, stay at home, don't go shopping in public or let the kids go to school. Be considerate and not spread colds, eat well, exercise and be healthy.

There's more at

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Great Read! I enjoyed the bulleted points on social responsibility. I think too many people sway away from common sense basics.

Check out my website: Do you think your readers maybe interested?

Posted by Twanda Mobley on August 10, 2009 13:17

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