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One-Two-Go crash report 'definitely' next month, DCA says

Phuket Air Crash Report 'Definitely Next Month'

Monday, January 19, 2009
THE FULL report on the One-Two-Go crash on Phuket is to be released in the middle of February, according to the Department of Civil Aviation.

''All the information in the official report will be released then,'' the Deputy Director of the DCA, Wuttichai Singhamani, told Phuketwan today.

The report was in the final stages of preparation, with the precise use of language and technical terms now being determined.

He said it would definitely be out in mid-February. Part of the delay was due to the change of Government.

The crash of One-Two-Go Flight 269 came at Phuket International Airport on September 16, 2007. Ninety passengers and crew died on the MD-80 aircraft, 40 survived.

While holding back the full report, Thai aviation officials have said that the crash was largely the result of pilot error combined with a sudden gusty storm that drove the aircraft into the tarmac as it attempted to land.

Critics have since raised the issue of the reaction time of rescuers and the effect of a mound of earth beside the tarmac.

Some of the survivors and relatives of the victims have begun court actions against One-Two-Go and compiled their own expert review of the causes of the mishap.

The airline, Thailand's first budget carrier, was suspended on July 21 over safety issues and resumed flying on the Phuket Bangkok route on December 5, hoping public confidence would quickly restore the popularity that disappeared with the crash.

At the time, the Director-General of the Civil Aviation Department, Chaisak Angkasuwan, told Phuketwan that the airline had been relicensed on November 25 after passing safety checks.

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The families are being told the report has now been delayed until June or July, 2008. It was completed by the NTSB in June 2007, so it must be getting quite a white washing by the Thai government.

Editor: I think you mean 2009 in the first instance and 2008 for the inquiry completion. I've deleted some additional remarks.The report does seem to have taken forever, and the reasons go unexplained.

Posted by Bonnie on February 6, 2009 20:06

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