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The 19-year-old raises his hand when asked ''Who did the killing?''

Jilted Phuket Lover Killed a Second Time

Monday, June 28, 2010
A JILTED boyfriend shot dead his rival at a Phuket City petrol station over the weekend, Phuket police said today. It was perhaps an unwise choice by the new boyfriend: the gunman, aged just 19, had already killed once before.

When asked today ''Who did the killing?'' the 19-year-old raised his hand.

At 8pm on Saturday, Narongsak Boonprom gunned down Vithan Choiker, 17, at the Shell station in Phang Nga Road, perhaps not realising that the killing was recorded on a security camera.

He and the rider of the getaway motorcycle, Kajorn Jansri, 27, were presented to media by Phuket City police today. A third man, ''James,'' is still being hunted.

Khun Vithan pulled up to put some petrol in his motorcycle and was confronted by the three men, police said. Khun James beat Khun Vithan then Khun Narongsak pulled a gun and shot him dead.

The two men were arrested less that 12 hours later, at their rented rooms in Rassada in Phuket City.

Khun Narongsak was released from jail last year after serving time for an earlier killing. Khun Kajorn also has a record for crimes of violence.

The girl in the relationship broke off with Khun Narongsak two months ago.
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"Khun Narongsak was released from jail last year after serving time for an earlier killing."

He can't have served a long time in the jail for that, already out..?

Posted by Mike on June 28, 2010 12:42


So his sentence for murder previously was what ?? To be out at 19 means it must have been trivial.

Of course if they had found a joint on him it would have been years, but killing someone, that's just a few months.

Posted by LivinLOS on June 28, 2010 15:23


Please Editor, release some more details. This makes no sense whatsoever. The guy has killed and he is 19 now. When did he kill someone? What age was he and how long did he get?

I agree with LivinLOS 100%.


Editor: Details of his previous conviction were not provided at the media presentation. There was far more concern about the murder at the weekend on Phuket.
But the likelihood is that he served a relatively short sentence because he was a minor and thought to be deserving of a second chance. ''Children'' are not usually kept in jail for long periods anywhere, and perhaps it was not a plain case of murder.

Posted by Tbs on June 28, 2010 16:05


LivininLoS, what a trite comparison you made between a supposedly short sentence for murder and for possession of drugs. Too many armchair/barstool criminal experts, keen to make a spurious point, are out there. And TBS, why your seemingly desperate urgency to know more details of Narongsak? Been watching too much CSI or just have a fetish for details? Let the media do their job and the cops do theirs. Save your dumb questions for bar-room chat.

Posted by Carl Hooper on June 28, 2010 20:47


Very few people have been killed twice!!

Posted by David Rucker on June 28, 2010 21:59


You couldn't make it up.

Posted by Anonymous on June 29, 2010 03:14

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