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Entrance to the emergency treatment room at Patong Hospital

UPDATE Jet-Ski Collision at Phuket's Patong Beach Leaves Tourists Being Treated in Hospital

Sunday, December 27, 2015
UPDATING All Day, Every Day

TWO tourists were admitted to a Phuket hospital with serious injuries and both are Chinese, Phuketwan has learned.

Original Report

PHUKET: A tourist from Finland was being treated for leg injuries at a Phuket hospital after being hurt when two jet-skis collided at Patong beach today.

The Finn - his nationality has yet to be absolutely confirmed - was returning a jet-ski to the beach as a Chinese couple on a jet-ski were heading off the beach after hiring a machine.

The crash took place at 1.36pm and details of the man's injury have yet to emerge.

He was taken to Patong Hospital, where doctors and nurses were assessing his condition.

The director of Marine Office 5, Phuripat Theerakulpisut, told Phuketwan he had not been informed of the crash.

President of the Jet-Ski Association of Patong, Nucha Petchvimol, said that damage to the jet-skis would be covered by insurance.

Chinese tourists will be stopped from coming to Phuket, Krabi and Phang Nga unless better safety standards are introduced to cut the number of deaths on snorkelling and diving trips, Andaman tourism authorities were told in a private meeting with Chinese envoys on Thursday.

It is believed jet-ski safety was also raised at the meeting.


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Will the insurance cover damage to the client ....or just the jetski?

Posted by Hugh Jarse on December 27, 2015 15:30


Yes, first of all: empty the sea. Water is dangerous for Chinese. Then close the roads. They have no problem then with left and right. ....

Posted by Bob on December 27, 2015 16:18


Most riders of jetskis don't understand, they are supposed to control a powerful machine and they don't look where they ride.

If they can't spot another jetski, how can a much less swimmer be safe from be rammed, when jetskis race close between people in the water?

Posted by Sherlock on December 27, 2015 17:00


the best news yet ! Thank God, no more Chinese....

Posted by Ian on December 27, 2015 17:53


Ah good old Phuket, taking care of tourists as usual.

Are the jet skis illegal

Not when there is cash to be made, hell no !!

Posted by Discover Thainess on December 27, 2015 18:01


President of the Jet-Ski Association of Patong, Nucha Petchvimol, said that damage to the jet-skis would be covered by insurance.
What then NAME of the jet-ski Companie ?
so we can take them short and find the owners behind these ski-jet in Patong, Karon, Karon Phuket etc.

Posted by Bjorn Ronningen on December 27, 2015 18:25


Yes I agree with Ian.
Bye bye Chinese tourists.
We do not need you here on Phuket, nor in Thailand.
Stay at home please.
Sad issues here but you're safer at home in China.
La gon Chinese tourists.

Posted by Robin on December 27, 2015 20:43


I have no sympathy or even compassion for anyone injured or financially injured from a business transaction with the jet ski entrepreneurs and their mob. Frankly, I see a positive in the injury. It will drive home the point that one should neither rent the jet skis, nor have anything to do with the mob who operate what is an illegal activity. People who are injured while partaking in illegal or irresponsible acts must take responsibility for their conduct. Call me cruel, but I would like to see more carnage for the simple reason that the powers that be will not intervene until that happens.

Posted by Ryan on December 27, 2015 22:01


Now that most of the Europeans no longer Come to phuket, it would be wonderful for the chinese to stop coming as well. The lack of tourist money would hopefully give Phuket a chance to rest and take stock of what has become of such a once beautiful island.

Hopefully the vultures would move away to other locations, the crazy building would stop and the jet skis etc would disappear

Then the authorities could have the chance to clear the decks and really start over again with a properly thought out plan for sustainable tourism

And then I woke up and realised I was dreaming

Happy new year everyone

Posted by Discover Thainess on December 27, 2015 22:55


Bottom line is not that jetski are illegal or not is that i diots are riding a jetski!!!
You know you never used one before get someone with experience to ride with you!

Posted by George1 on December 28, 2015 00:33


@Ryan: I agree with your comment EXCEPT the authorities will not act, carnage or not. The solution to the ever increasing number of road accidents is an ever increasing number of emergency vehicle parks along the major road routes.

These have been noticeably increased for the forthcoming New Year holiday with more emergency vehicles parked conspicuously in some permanent & some temporary tented areas, often less than 10 km apart. The police presence has NOT noticeably increased & there lies the problem.

Posted by Logic on December 28, 2015 08:40


To all these open minded people hoping the Chinese will go away, the good news is that airline capacity from China to Phuket will increase by 38% on 2016 over 2015. Better start taking that Mandarin crash course.

Posted by wm on December 28, 2015 10:26


Geesh...So much generalised resentment of Chinese!!
Had a girlfriend Hong Kong war orphan..Kindest sweetest person ever...lousy skier skied down a precipice cut nonstop to fetch ski patrol after my ski ''accident''.

Posted by david on December 28, 2015 13:23


A couple of years back protests mushroomed on Phuket with banners

"Russian go Home ! "

Well, they did. Today BP is reporting about how to lure them back.

Go ahead and chase away the Chinese tourists too.

With European, Russian and then the Chinese gone, who will Phuket be left with ?

People from different cultures will behave in different ways. What may be normal back home might be considered offensive over here.

I'm no fan of loud and brash behavior, line cutting and spitting but if I was making my income off their backs, I would be putting in a serious effort in trying to be as tolerant as possible.

Equally those tour agencies bringing in these tourists should include local Do's and Dont's in their welcome briefing.

Tolerance is the key. Not just stubbornly ramming your values down someone's throat.

Posted by Herbert on December 28, 2015 17:09


In 2016 more Chinese holidaymakers are coming than in 2015.
Khun Santi and TAT better combine forces and increase the number of good chinese speaking thai guides, same time improve knowledge of thai culture of the thai guides. More facts, less own fantasy.

Posted by Kurt on December 28, 2015 17:10


I hope this is the end of Jet-ski and parasailing in Phuket.

Posted by Bjorn Ronningen on December 28, 2015 17:33

Editor Comment:

Unlikely, Bjorn. It will take tragedies for that to happen.


@ Ed

I'm afraid tragedies will not do it either. We've had plenty of those with speed boats and the man in charge just thought "accidents are natural".

People have died in Jet-Ski accidents here and nothing changed.

I'm not sure there's anything in this country that will stop a (or any) money making scheme of the influentials.

Certainly not the local authorities.

Envoys and Ambassadors tried for almost a decade and failed. The army stepped in with all the pomp and circumstance. They failed.

If anyone can come up with something or someone they think can and will stop it, I'd like to hear it.

Posted by Herbert on December 28, 2015 22:07


@ David, Hong Kong is cosmopolitan and was part of the UK for 99 years until the mid 90's not the same as some of the regional cities in China where many direct budget flights to Phuket come from. These Chinese are uneducated, rude and non spenders in the most part except the special places they are taken to in some cases to be ripped off. I mean what is the point of buying Chinese staff when you are in Thailand can only be one reason, cheap, I went into one of these places once. Terrible, shouting rude Chinese. First and last time. David what happened to your girlfriend as most Chinese only want to marry Chinese.

Posted by Loud Chinese on December 29, 2015 00:41

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