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President Paiboon spells out some of his priorities

Fresh Water, Help Line: New President's Wish List

Tuesday, April 22, 2008
A CALL CENTRE for all tourists and residents with problems is one of the bright new ideas likely to be introduced by Phuket's new OrBorJor president.

Among other bold innovations, he would also like to see drinkable water flowing through Phuket's taps.

A mobile health service that would allow doctors and nurses to visit patients at home is being planned.

So is a recycling centre for the island's mounting garbage. Free public toilets across the island are likely to be seen soon.

Free city bus travel for students is probably coming, too, along with the beautification of Phuket's highway median strips.

He also plans to ensure future power supplies to the island.

Paiboon Upatising won the election for the important post on Sunday over the current president, Anchalee Vanich Tephabutra.

Khun Paiboon said he planned to ask the people of Mai Khao what they thought about the future of the grand but underused Phuket Gateway, one of Khun Anchalee's landmarks.

He is also keen to eradicate traffic jams in Patong and Kata as soon as he can consult with the Highways Department.

In an extensive interview with Phuketwan, the newly-elected president of the organisation that oversees education, health, garbage disposal, traffic and water supplies and other aspects of the island's welfare declared his intentions.

''We must work together with other local government organisations to solve Phuket's problems,'' he said.

The father of three who leads the local Khon Ban Rhao party also saw 11 of his supporters elected to the 24-seat provincial assembly.

Khun Paiboon plans on canvassing opinions about possible solutions before developing a strategy for his four years in government.

He ran as a candidate for ''transparency and change'' against Khun Anchalee and her better-known Democrat Party. Both are well-known and well-liked.

While the poll had been promoted on billboards all over the island, voter turnout was low.

Khun Phaiboon said the smell around Koh Sirey was high on his list of obvious problems that needed to be fixed.

Local hospitals were also a prime concern. He said he was keen to make sure that residents took priority for treatment over foreign workers.

Promoting the pleasures of the old part of Phuket City, with tours and walks, is part of the plan to attract extra tourists.

More information is likely to be delivered in English for visitors on the OrBorJor website.


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